Friday, March 18, 2011

This was Supposed to be a Post About Pruning Climbing Roses ...

Yesterday was a perfect day to be in the garden.  The sun was shining (making a necessity of a thorough application of sunscreen moisturizer), we had temperatures in the 60s (16-18C), with a light breeze.  What a wonderful day to grab my pruners and other tools and head to the garden to work on the climbers.

Photo of Pink Perpetue from last year.

I started with the pillar roses on the Arcade, because they're the easiest for me and require the fewest decisions.  Working left to right, taking each rose in turn, I was making pretty good progress.  As I worked, I realized that this would make a good blog post (and a good section in my presentation on climbing roses).  I always have my little camera with me, so I pulled it from my pocket and took photos at intervals as I worked. 

Swan Lake, also last year.

At one point while working on Sombruiel, or was it Parade, I sat the camera down on the ground ... intending to pick it right back up.  As I stood up, I accidently put my knee onto the camera, and the retractable lens is now jammed.  The camera is 'stealth bomber black' and I just didn't see it sitting there.

Yes, Folks, I have destroyed another camera.  Here is the last photo it took:

This is what the base of Swan Lake looked like after I pruned out the dead, damaged, and puny canes.

I don't think I can repair this one, like I did when I broke the LCD screen on my last camera.  (Did you miss this story last year?  Click HERE to catch up.)  I guess I'll be camera shopping this weekend.  Until then, there will be no more impromptu photo opportunities, pulling a tiny camera from my pocket.  Instead, I will be toting around my Nikon DSLR, and treating it very gingerly.


  1. ooooh don't you hate when that happens? Swan lake is beautiful!

  2. Oh, I know.... I've just about done damage to mine before too. Seems my head is always swirling with ideas while photographing and sometimes I just get distracted. Sorry this happened, but new cameras are always nice to have, even if you weren't planning on buying one.


  3. oh dear...I'm easily distracted I have to be ever vigilant that I don't set the camera down and walking off.
    So sorry you have to replace it-

  4. I'm so sorry you broke your camera. So sorry. Yes, I have a Nikon. They can be very fragile. I broke the lens of mine in Biltmore House when someone bumped into me.

    Your roses are sublime.~~Dee

  5. Oh no! My little camera is easy to miss also!

  6. A big, big Grrrrrrr on your behalf. How frustrating and annoying for you.

    But here's some good news. You've totally converted me about roses and over the last couples of days I bought some new ones from real nurseries, rather than from our local 99p shop. I thought of you and hoped you'd be so proud!!!!


  7. Ugh I am sorry to hear about your camera. I am always afraid that I will drop my camera, step on it, or leave it outside, because I am hell on binoculars. You and your camera have taken such beautiful pictures too.

  8. Well that just bites! (at least you always have your camera handy, I never remember mine)

  9. Oh, I'm so sorry to hear about your camera. That's no fun! Something like that is easy to have happen.
    I am so looking forward to roses in my garden again. My spring fever is getting the better of me.
    I was thrilled to read your post about daffodils. When I moved to California they said they wouldn't grow here. But they do and I love them and have lots. They are one of the first hopeful signs of spring's arrival!

  10. Sorry to hear about your camera, but I'm happy to have found your blog on someone's blogroll. I have just gotten into roses and I can tell that your blog is going to be a wonderful resource. I am really interested in Noisette roses. I will have to check your site to see if you carry them.
    Have a great Saturday! Jane

  11. Ouch! Sorry about the camera. Mine is in sorry shape - I seem to drop it a lot. But mine was fairly cheap! I hope you get a great camera that you love even more - and maybe you can find one in a bright color! :)

  12. Oh no! I knew something was up with you, you have been popping into my head all weekend and I almost called you yesterday!

    So sorry to hear about your camera...but wait, you have roses blooming already?!

    Kat :)

  13. there a pocket on your camo pants you can put one where you don't kneel or sit on it? I keep mine in my back pocket and take pictures as I garden.

  14. Stink! I hate it when that happens. I'm famous for clanking and crashing my big camera into anything and everything nearby.
    Your roses are so gorgeous, and Swan Lake looks like she's all cleaned up and ready to give you her best this year!


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