Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sunday Snapshot ... Sunshine

As the sun gets higher in the sky as spring approaches, the sunshine through the windows in the house gives things a warm glow that I appreciate ... because spring appears to be dragging its feet, arriving much slower than usual.

This was the sun hitting one of my favorite chairs our living room bay window.  I don't usually find myself attracted to Victorian furniture, but I love this chair ... and we have had it for a long time.

This photo also shows a snapshot of the condition of our living room.  It is the only room in the house that is still in its 'deconstructed' state.

Anyway, I think I love this chair so much because the size is perfect, and it still retains its original wood finish.  Look at the detail on the crest!

In the family room, at the same time, Maggie was napping in the sunshine in the cat bed on the window sill.  There is almost always a cat in this bed.

On the lamp near Maggie, the sunshine made a terrifying shadow on the lampshade.  What appears to be a huge spider is actually the shadow of the lamp's harp and finial.  This sure gave me a shock, though, when I first spotted it!

Today is cloudy, and the weatherman says that we can expect to get a LOT of rain.  I plan to spend the day working on a presentation on climbing roses ... and maybe a bit of sewing this afternoon.  (Speaking of sewing, have you seen the link to my Greyhounds Rock Etsy store on the sidebar?  I quietly put it there the other day, and it's been getting quite a bit of attention already.  Thank you, everyone!!)

How are you spending your Sunday?


  1. Lovely sunny day! Wow, that really does look like a huge spider...that would make me jump, too!
    Rain yesterday, now it is snowing! Yes, I said snow. I saw my first crocus in bloom yesterday, and now it's snowing? Come on Spring!

  2. The spider shadow, the sleeping cat, an original antique chair, sunshine and the glimpse of reno's. A fine mix. Today, time with grandson (day started with a big hug), work time and then family time again. Thank you for a lovely blog start to the day.
    - Joy

  3. Love Maggie in the cat bed. We have one in a sunny spot and it's Charlies favorite napping place for sure. Love the 'spider' shot...funny how shadows can do that.

  4. Beautiful shots. I think the "deconstructed" look only adds charm to the surroundings of the chair. It gives age and texture.
    Being arachnophobic the spider picture gave me the chills at first. Thank goodness they don't get that big around the house!


  5. Amazing chair. I keep waiting for that rain, but so far, nothing spectacular.

  6. I've worked in the yard sweeping up leaves and pine needles, a never-ending chore. What a sweet kitty. Hope that is Emily soon!

  7. I laughed when you told what made the spider shadow. I would have jumped too! Love that chair!

  8. I love the photos, especially the one with Maggie taking a nap. I took a look around your Esty shop Grey hounds rock.. They are pretty. The greyhounds are going to be rocking in those cute collars.

  9. Hey Girl! I too have been noticing different shadows in the house, and I love it. It reminds me it's almost time to wash winter off the windows. Spring hasn't gotten the memo yet has it? We had more snow yesterday!

  10. Oh my gosh....If I had seen THAT on my lamp shade I would'ave wet my pants! Seriously!!!!! I HATE spiders!!!! (shudder.....) Your sweet little Maggie looks so comfy and content. Good thing she didn't see that shadow! lol!

    xoxo laurie

  11. That chair is beautiful. I can't believe your cats haven't shredded it. I had a modern chair that was tapestry covered (what was I thinking) and it's been destroyed.


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