Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sunday Snapshot ... Companionship

When I'm sitting here on the family room sofa working on my laptop, I can count on having at least one of our four indoor cats here with me ... usually more than one.

Do you know how hard it is to work on a laptop when there are two cats who also want to be in your lap?

Alice and Dorothy are very helpful, and they like to be involved in whatever is going on!  It's hard to believe that they are eleven months old already ... they don't look as much like kittens anymore. 

Happy Sunday,


  1. Love how those 2 girls always stick together. I wish Rowdy would still fit in my lap. :-(

    (hope you are going to enjoy a bit of sunshine today)

  2. How would you get any work completed without a kitten or two in your lap?!?
    Alice and Dorothy are beautiful cats!

    My beloved cat, Wilbur, passed away yesterday. He was 16 years old. He was always my helper, too.

  3. Oh, they are lovely. I'd so like to have a cat again.

  4. You know they are so cute they can get away with anything! Charlie likes to help me blog also!

  5. Your photo made me smile!

    I completely understand about animals wanting to help and me 'allowing' them to do so! (even though it seems to take me twice as long to get my project done with their 'help'!!!)

    Enjoy your day!

  6. Hello, Connie! Glad to see all is well. Have you been watching the VA eagle cam, or seeing any flying around? If so, you should post a photo.

    Good to see you!

  7. They are so cute. I used to have shelties, but no more. I miss them. It is so sad to lose your pets. They were always by my side too.

  8. I used to have a cat I took in named Kitty. He was the same way, always wanting to be in my lap. When I would be at my pc he would jump in my lap and rest his neck on my arm while I typed. He passed away a few years ago but I still miss him. Your two are so sweet and what good company they must be!


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