Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sunday Snapshot ... Snow This Morning

It was a long, exhausting weekend for The Husband and me, in a good way, and bed was a very welcome place when we got home last night.  I slept incredibly well, waking at 6:30 this morning, feeling charged and ready for the upcoming day.  I looked out the bedroom window, and found SNOW!

A small weather system has brought us about an inch of snow, which accumulated only on grassy areas ... as you can see on this little weed in the crack of our driveway.

I don't expect this little bit of snow to affect my plans for today.  This morning, I hope to clean out my car ... the inside of which is beginning to resemble a dumpster.  This afternoon, I'll head to Richmond for a rose society meeting.  I love the Richmond Rose Society, and I do whatever I can to attend every meeting.  Besides, Richmond is south of here, and they probably got even less snow than we did.

This coming week will be a busy one in the greenhouse.  It's time to plant the baby roses in their 'big boy' pots, to settle them in and ready them to go to their new homes later this spring.  Most of last year's left over roses are sitting in the nursery, waiting patiently for spring to REALLY arrive.

I think it'll be here any day now.

Happy Sunday, Everyone!


  1. Snow here too...just a pinch, but still, snow.
    Sounds like you have a fun and interesting day and week ahead!
    Take care-

  2. WOW! What a blast of winter for spring! My son, the archaeologist, is going to be working up in your area for a few weeks (or more).

  3. Wow! You got more snow than we did! I was expecting to wake up to what you saw but we barely got a dusting.....

  4. Snow! Well we had bad rain storms. Still better then snow huh? hugs, Linda

  5. We have had a weekend of storms and tornado's warnings, but no snow! Hoping your days turn to sunshine and warmth soon!

  6. Dear Connie, I do hope you are right, and spring, aka warm weather, is truly on its way. You would never guess it looking at my garden! P x

  7. I have buds on the roses and it is colder than a whore's heart!

    Spring is too short!

  8. Oh, wow! We've had the AC on for a couple of weeks.

  9. Oh yes- that snowy surprise was at my home this morning also! Just when we thought spring was almost here! I am still holding out hope! Your snowy morning photos are beautiful--

  10. "big boy pots" hee hee. Sort of like big girl panties... ??


  11. I've been away from blog world and was blowing through the past few weeks of your blog and came across the pruning climbing roses post. I was so excited because today I was raking out one of my perennial beds and I looked at a climbing rose and LITERALLY said to myself, "I should ask Connie if I should prune this!" Now if I only knew how!

    BTW - I drove down to Virginia Beach last weekend for a half marathon and drove right by Fredericksburg exit and thought of you. I wanted to stop! But I think my girlfriends would not been so happy after 6 hours on the road and 2 to go.

  12. Flurries here too. We (the local EMG's) trimmed back the roses at the KSU rose garden yesterday...but we left the mulch in place. Roses are leafing out here, but no reason to tempt Mommy Nature.

  13. Connie, snow here too. I am patiently waiting, but the weather has been up and down. 40's later this week, fingers crossed.

  14. I heard the middle Atlantic coast got hit with some snow, but I never expected it to be as far south as Virginia. Bummer ~ will spring never come?


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