Friday, March 4, 2011

Sure Signs of Spring in the Greenhouse

As spring approaches, longer days mean more sunlight ... and more sunlight means that things in the greenhouse are happening fast. 

If this little plant of Mutabilis was outside, this tiny bud would make you think that it was early May instead of early March.  In the greenhouse, it's not at all unusual to see buds on the roses in March.  I want the roses to be producing new growth and healthy roots, not flowers, so I snapped off this bud right after I shot this photo.

Almost all of the roses are actively putting out healthy new growth.

Shiny new leaves on Alberic Barbier.

Thick, healthy, TINY leaves on Happenstance.

New growth, back lit by the sun, on "Sumerduck Cemetery", an unknown polyantha.

Willie Winkie, a miniature rose I'm growing for my garden from cuttings sent by a friend in California, is a bit chlorotic.  I'll have to check the pH in his pot.

I only have three flats of cuttings left on the propagation bench under the mist, hoping that they will still produce roots.

Healthy, new roots on White Pet.

The greenhouse is also a great environment for pests.  Look at the aphids I found yesterday afternoon!  They're practically shoulder to shoulder on this rose!!

and on this cutting of Ispahan! 

My last task yesterday afternoon was to give all of the roses a quick spray of insecticide. (I do NOT use insecticide in the garden, because there are plenty of predators outside that keep the pests under control. The greenhouse is a different story, however ... aphids like this will quickly weaken a tender cutting, and I must react with the judicious use of chemicals.)

The roses on the bench are looking a lot less like sticks these days.

Though last summer was a disastrous time for propagation, and most of these cuttings are much younger than I would like them to be, it looks as if they are responding well enough to be ready to go to their new homes starting next month. 


  1. New plant growth is always exciting this time of the year whether it's in a controlled environment or not. Your rose growth is lovely and the color of green just shouts spring!

  2. I'm really enjoying learning so much about roses. Thanks for these.

  3. Holy toledo! Everything looks great to me....rose cuttings, hmmm.

  4. Your rose babies are looking great! Must be a very satisfying feeling to know that you rooted them all. I have not propagated roses up to now, but this year I might try to root a cutting of Yolande d'Aragon for a friend! Just hope that this variety takes easily...

  5. Mental Note; get order ready for Hartwood...spring is coming and the plants look great.

  6. Your roses and new growth are looking great! I love Spring... watching plants come back to life after winter!

    May I ask you how you save your photos for the web? They always look fabulous!

  7. Looking good. Those aphids are a royal pain. I finally got rid of them on my standards. Soon they move back outside and I will be so HAPPY. White Pet's roots are so darling. A true little baby.

  8. Thank you for the Mutabilis rose link~I could love that rose, too. gail

  9. Connie... wow! Beautiful pictures!


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