Sunday, November 30, 2014

Thirty Days of Mr. Rogers ... Day Thirty!

Mr. Rogers said, "If you grew up with our Neighborhood, you may remember how we sometimes talked about difficult things.  There were days ... even beautiful days ... that weren't happy.  In fact. there were some that were really sad.

Today's photos are a hodgepodge of new and old, included just because I love them.  This is one of my favorite photos of our house, taken in 2011 ... it has roses in it ('Shailer's Provence, to be exact), which automatically makes me like it more.

"Well, we've had a lot of days like that in our whole world.  We've seen what some people do when they don't know anything else to do with their anger.

Typical Winnie, seen here in a photo from her Christmas Sweater photo shoot earlier in the month.  She didn't want to pose for pictures; she wanted to sit in my lap.

"I'm convinced that when we help our children find healthy ways of dealing with their feelings -- ways that don't hurt them or anyone else -- we're helping make our world a safer, better place.

Last week's snow was a perfect snow day ... beautiful as it fell, and the ground was too warm for it to stick anywhere except for the mulched or grassy areas.

"I would like to tell you what I often told you when you were much younger:  I like you just the way you are.

This one is a throwback photo to a happy day in 2002 or 2003.  It's Emma with me at the greyhound gathering in Gettysburg, PA,

"And what's more, I'm so grateful to you for helping the children in your life to know that you'll do everything you can to keep them safe and to help them express their feelings in ways that will bring healing in many different neighborhoods."

This is my favorite angel statue from Hollywood Cemetery.  I can only get a decent photo of it in winter, when the leaves are off the trees.  It's in dark shade from the surrounding trees at other times of year.

Me:  This final installment in my Mr. Rogers series is from a Public Service Announcement produced following the events of September 11, 2001.  I knew from the moment I read it that I would finish the month with it.  I did NOT know, however, that it would be as timely now as it was then, most recently because of the protests and violence throughout the country in reaction to the Grand Jury finding in Missouri.

I'll finish this with one more Mr. Rogers quote, 

"Peace means far more than the opposite of war!" 

As November comes to a close, and we start to think about Christmas (with all its obligations and preparations that can bring stress), I hope we can all find at least one moment every day when we are at peace.  

I will miss my daily visits with Mr. Rogers.  (almost daily, since I skipped a few days here and there during the month.)  It's been an enlightening and uplifting experience for me ... I know from your kind comments and messages that it was an enjoyable month for you, too.

During the month of November, I have shared wisdom from Mr. Rogers with you each day (from the book "The World According to Mr. Rogers") ... Mr. Rogers's words accompanied by everyday images from life here at Hartwood Manor ... this place that I am blessed to call HOME.


  1. This was a wonderful 30 days! What a wise man Mr Rogers was! Thanks for sharing with us.

  2. I have indeed enjoyed your thirty days of Mr. Rogers and also enjoyed all of your insightful wisdom and photos! Thank you!

  3. And as we come to a close I am so glad you chose these words of Mr. Rogers for the parting shot. They say it takes a village and he was a big part of our girls community. My only regret is I used the time for laundry and dishes. It would have been better spent spending quality time watching the show with them. Thank you, Connie. It’s still a beautiful day in the neighborhood.


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