Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Thirty Days of Mr. Rogers ... Day Twelve

Mr. Rogers said, "Often when you think you're at the end of something, you at the beginning of something else.  I've felt that many times.  My hope for all of us is that 'the miles we go before we sleep' will be filled with all the feelings that come from deep caring -- delight, sadness, joy, wisdom -- and that in all the endings of our life, we will be able to see the new beginnings."

Here is Dorothy, enjoying a blazing sunbeam in my lap on a recent chilly day.

"All life events are formative.  All contribute to what we become, year by year, as we go on growing ... You aren't the age you are.  You are all the ages you ever have been."

It's rare for me to sit for any length of time and not end up with a cat on at least part of my lap.

Me;  It's comforting to think that there can be new beginnings.  If we have taken the wrong path, or when things turn out wrong for whatever reason, we have the opportunity to stop, turn around, and begin again.  All of this makes us into the person that we are ... and helps us become the person we want to be.

During the month of November, I plan to share wisdom from Mr. Rogers with you each day (from the book "The World According to Mr. Rogers") ... Mr. Rogers's words accompanied by everyday images from life here at Hartwood Manor ... this place that I am blessed to call HOME.


  1. Does Dorothy have age health issues?

    Gosh she's wonderful.

    Home from Jamaica last nite, and my little Laura cat, would not come near me. She finally forgave me mid morning for leaving her.

    I was not functioning full force till then.

    Garden & Be Well, XO T

  2. At least two wrong paths in my life have been caused by adverse drug reactions. Since I can't take that back and do it over, I have to hope the path I'm on leads to some kind of healing. Sure has been life-altering.

  3. Good post. Thanks for your thoughts too and your lovely photos.


  4. Some interesting thoughts. I love your sweet kitty. I always seem to have one on my lap too.

  5. Some interesting thoughts. I love your sweet kitty. I always seem to have one on my lap too.

  6. The simple reflections of Mr. Rogers seem to encompass all the thoughts of us mere mortals leading ordinary lives. He is truly inspiring.


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