Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Peekaboo, I See You

As I was sitting here in my usual spot yesterday morning, I look out the window just in time to see the tail end of a deer as it slipped into our line of cedar trees back by the Rose Field.  I quickly put on shoes, snapped the long lens onto my camera, and I went out to 'shoot' it.

The deer was almost immediately aware of my presence, and it watched intently as I stood behind some roses, focused my camera and shot photos of him/her through the fence.

Deer around here are very wary.  As I stepped from my hiding place to get a clearer look, the deer turned and sprang away ... its white tail raised in alarm.  He/she stopped at the fence by the back of our barn, and turned to look at me.
This deer was a big one!  I see no sign of antlers, so I think it's a doe.  Bucks should be starting to grow this year's set of antlers by now.  (Antlers are deciduous.  They are shed naturally in winter after breeding season and they regrow in the spring.)
I left the deer alone at this point, and I didn't follow it any farther.  Last I saw it, it walked toward the woods at the back of the property and was gone.
As I opened Blogger this morning, I saw that yesterday's post was #800!  Hard to believe that I've had 800 different things to say over the past four-and-a-half years ... 801 things now.
Thank you to those of you who have stuck with me for so many years, and welcome to everyone who is just arriving.  Sit and stay for a while.  I promise you won't get bored.


  1. Connie I am never bored here that is for sure! Congrats on 800+ posts! Love the photos of the deer. Near my daughters home I see deer...not so much in my neighborhood!

  2. Great catch on the deer!

    800, wow. Let's see... I'm a little over 200, so it should only take me about 12 more years to make it that far.

  3. Nice captures. I have been seeing quite a few deer in both New York and PA. I think they had a pretty productive season last year. I even saw fawns this year too. Not good for your roses though.

  4. Good morning! Happy to revisit here ;>]]
    Have a blogger question for you, if that's ok: I notice in my Google Reader that your posts only appear as a title ... there is no text body or photos ... so the only way to see/read your post is to click on the title and come over here directly - may I ask you how you set your settings to do that??? I've looked around on my dashboard (even in "Other" on Settings) and I can't figure it out.

    Thank you!

  5. Great shots! Deer are always fun to watch. The little ones will play like puppies while momma feeds. Too cute.

  6. Congrats !!!
    I like your blog.
    I don't leave comment very often though .. sorry about that.

  7. Hi Connie- What great, great pictures! I FINALLY have a computer up and running again. I have missed visiting you- Congrats on post #801! xo Diana

  8. Happy to find you!

  9. Do the deer cause you any problems? I had some relatives in from Charlottesville, VA and they were telling me how big of a problem they had with deer eating all their plants.

  10. Lucky you that your deer are wary. The ones around my house have been born and bred in town and have no fear. They don't even know to run from the odd cougar that we now have moving into town.

    Wildlife should stay wild...

    Lovely photos and congratulations on your achievement!

  11. Wouldn’t miss it for the world, Connie.

  12. Connie, Thank you for the info about roses, when you visited my blog. As long as this rose grows, I'll be happy...I have gardening books with some input on roses. I am just not very good at growing them. I loved all your deer photos. that's pretty close. They are pretty , but can cause damage to your flowers and gardens. Have you tried that hanging cut human hair around to keep them away from the good things.xoxo,Susie

  13. Hi Connie, great shots! We have quite a deer population here too and that's why I quit trying to have a veggie garden or a field of sunflowers. But that's okay...I love seeing the deer in the evenings grazing in the field in front of the house. Ben used to chase them but now he just watches. :)

  14. I know that some people consider deer a nuisance...but in my heart of hearts it flutters when I see one in the wild.

    You are fortunate to have one in your area...we see so few of them here.



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