Monday, May 13, 2013

My Own Game of 'I Spy'

You remember this game from when you were a kid ... "I spy with my little eye ...."  In this case, we are playing the game with the contents of the bottom of my underwear drawer.  No, this isn't a case of TMI (too much information), since there are no undies actually in the drawer at the moment ... they're in the clothes basket, fresh from the laundry, and  ready to be put away.

When I opened the drawer and saw this stuff, lit so perfectly by the lamp on my dresser, I knew that I had to share and make a game out of it.  Mind you, I did not rearrange these items at all to style them for this photo.  This is exactly as everything was found when I opened the drawer.

You ready to play?
The items to identify in this photo are:
Four belts (extra points for identifying the belt with greyhounds on it)
Two tile coasters from our Alaska cruise last summer
The charger for who-knows-what
A notecard, also from Alaska
A hair clip (my hair has been pixie short for a year now)
A broken string of pearls
A pile of Alaska tourist brochures
Three piles of plant tags made from mini blinds
A case for reading glasses
The reading glasses
Bits of string
A ballpoint pen
A bracelet box
An orphan furniture caster
Two store receipts
A single sock
A pad of Post-It notes
Panty hose
Now that I have confronted this problem, am I going to clean out the drawer and put this stuff where it belongs?  Nope.  I plan to do my best Scarlett O'Hara impression, bury it with clean underwear, and deal with it another day.


  1. EXACTLY like Mrs. ProfessorRoush's. Must be a gender thing....nothing else goes in my underwear and sock drawers except undeerwear and socks. Well, I guess it could be a surgeon thing.....

  2. I am crazy when things get mixed up in the drawers. My husband the pack rat is a different story. I am not even allowed to open his drawers, not like I would want to see the mess anyway. He does not even let me fold his laundry, it is just piled in the drawers even if they fit. I have piece of mind by not knowing what he hoards.

  3. Oh, I sooo dislike cleaning out any drawer, but the end results are always so rewarding. :)

  4. The greyhound belt is the one in the lower right corner, but on the left, not the belt on the right. Do I detect collars on those greyhounds? Maybe even red? could just be shadows.

  5. I love that attitude you have going! Except my 'tomorrow' is coming in about three more days of school. Then I must deal with everything I brought home from school and was dumped in the living room. IT IS NOT going downstairs until I sort through it! 39 years of teaching material is too much downstairs. I'll be making plenty of trips to my dumpster! Hope you got the undies put away. ;D.♥♫

  6. Ain't nobody gonna be seein' my drawers on the internet!


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