Sunday, May 26, 2013

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Mockingbird, 2013

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Mockingbird,

I am flattered that you find my roses to be a favorable place to set up housekeeping and raise your family.  The 'Schoener's Nutkana' you chose this year is strong and dense, and should provide good protection for you and your babies. 

It is natural for you to assume that your eggs were in danger while I was checking on them and taking their picture the other day.  I guess I should thank you for your restraint, since you only swooped down on me and flapped the back of my head with your wings.  Once would have been sufficient to get your message across ... doing it twice was not necessary.
I am expecting a lot of visitors in the garden this afternoon.  There will certainly be some of them who stop to admire your rose bush, since it is such a lovely, unusual thing.  They will be warned in advance of your nest and it is perfectly acceptable for you to watch them and issue warning cries from your perch on the power line overhead. Remember, though, that it is the roses that my guests are interested in, not your eggs, and please do not flap any of them in the head.


  1. Oh how I'd love to be there! I just scared some baby robins out of a nest yesterday, and I'm still feeling bad about it. : -(

    Been thinking about you. I only have one rose bush in my yard. This cannot continue. I think it's Seven Sisters...what do you use on your roses to keep the bugs off?

  2. Cute post. I love Mockingbirds and always enjoy their songs around our place. Have fun with all your guests.

  3. Have a wonderful open house...wish I could join you!


  4. You might want to issue umbrellas... or hardhats.

    Good luck with the open garden!

  5. Greetings from the Pacific Northwest (WA state) ~ I have just discovered your blog via Hilary @Crazy As a Loom and I must say, it is WONDERFUL over here! I am mad for roses and now that I live in a spot where I can actually grow them the collecting has begun. I have a lot to learn ... and I think I'll be able to learn heaps from your terrific blog. Off to peruse some more, hope your Open Day will be splendid!


  6. A hidden video camera is definitely in order here. :)

  7. What a fun post! One thing about it, getting pecked would be something for your open house visitors to remember!

  8. lol! Too funny, Connie! Hope that the Mr & Mrs will be cordial to your visitors tomorrow. :) They sure found a beautiful place to raise their youngsters! Hey, have you ever heard of Liquinox 5-1-1- for growing strong, healthy roses? It's a fish emulsion fertilizer. Is it good stuff for growing strong, healthy roses? Thanks, sweetie!

    xoxo laurie

  9. Oh gosh. How stressed out those birds will be. :(

  10. Wow, Connie, those eggs are beautiful. If I lived closer, I'd be so happy to visit your roses!

  11. Even though you upset the Mr and Mrs to get the shot of their nest and eggs, I'm SO glad you did! I've never seen mockingbird eggs before. And they are gorgeous!!!! They're in my favorite shade of turquoise/aqua blue. Thank you for subjecting yourself to dive bombing and head swooping. Thank you!


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