Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Spending the Day with Mac

This is Mac.  He is a beautifully behaved almost-nine-year old gentleman who spent part of the day here on Sunday, on the way to his Forever Home in Florida.

He was recently returned to his adoption group in New York, for reasons I don't know ... doesn't matter why ... all that counts at this point is that he has a family waiting for him who is crazy about him and that can't wait till he gets there.
Mac was brought here on Sunday via a volunteer from Philadelphia.  My job was to keep him for a few hours, till it was time to leave for the meeting point near NC for the next leg of his trip.  He was nervous and paced a lot at first ... then I discovered that he was undoubtedly a sofa dog at his last house.  Once I invited him up onto the sofa with me, he was a happy, relaxed boy.
He got here just in time to hang out and watch the Redskins game with me on TV.
The cats each took turns carefully sneaking up to sniff the 'new guy'.  Mac didn't react at all to them, even when Maggie stepped over his head to get to the other side of me to lie down.  (didn't get a photo of that, darn it.)
This was Dorothy's turn.
Daniel and Ruby enjoyed having Mac around.  Mac was anxious to play, and he and my dogs did quite a bit of running and chasing in the back yard.
At 5:30, we loaded Mac and his stuff into the Jeep, and we headed out.  He quickly settled in and slept almost the whole two hours to the meeting point in Emporia.
It was dark when we met his next ride.  (I'm really glad this photo turned out so well ... Mac's white face and piercing gold eyes looked fantastic in the light of the truck stop lights.)
Mac spent Sunday night in NC, and his new mom drove there to pick him up and take him home on Monday. 
I am proud to be included among the small group of volunteeers who offers to transport these beautiful animals to their forever homes.  By doing this, I spend time with wonderful dogs like Mac ... and I get to know the other volunteers who also give their time to help ... thank you Tony, Bill, and Phyllis ... and I am sure Mac and Shellie thank you, too.


  1. Hi Connie
    This is my first visit to your beautiful blog! Mac is gorgeous & I am so happy he has found his forever home and kind people like yourself who give their time to animal welfare (something very dear to my heart too) ♥ Looking forward to stopping by again.

  2. Oooh, I would have had a hard time letting that one go :-) He is beautiful, so glad he has a family to love him. I always wonder why such good dogs are given up, and how hard it must have been for his original "mom". or Dad.

  3. What a gorgeous guy! I know you enjoyed your visit with him. I admire your loyalty in helping these lovely dogs to their forever homes!
    hugs, Linda

  4. You're such a good egg, Connie! Mac is beautiful.

  5. What a beautiful and heartwarming post this is! You are an angel to offer this service to this sweet hounds. I hope Mac fell in love with his new mom and is settling in as nicely as he did at your home for his temporary stay.

  6. Oh how I loved this post and seeing him so relaxed and at ease on the sofa. You made his waiting time so less stressful by letting him do what he enjoys doing. :-)))

  7. I always shed a tear whenever I read these stories. At least it had a happy ending.
    Be safe in this storm.



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