Friday, July 15, 2011

Playing With My New Game Camera -- Day 1

A few months ago, Kathleen at 'House Things I Like' featured a video on her blog of critters in her backyard that she took with a game camera.  I had never heard of such a thing.  (There's no link to Kathleen's blog because she's on a blog break right now ... she's promised me that she will be back, tho.)  With our deer issues, I knew I had to get one of these!  The idea of being able to 'spy' on the activity at the back of our property was irresistable.

I bought the camera on Wednesday afternoon, certain that I would set it up and have it doing its thing right away ... not.  The camera is easy to set up and use, but the SD card I had on hand was incompatible, which meant another trip to the store on Thursday.  Yesterday afternoon, with a new SD card installed, I took the camera out to the Austin Garden and mounted it on the little building there.  The camera has a motion sensor, and it takes photos whenever it senses movement.

Let's see what we got.

It's a good view of the garden ... and the crabgrass.  Don't worry about the crabgrass, I sprayed it with Ornamec the other day and it's already starting to die.  Ornamec is a selective herbicide that only kills grass, not broadleaf weeds, or roses, so I figured I should pull out the Nutsedge and Poke Weed while I was there ... since the ground is damp from the previous day's storm and the weeds are easy to pull.

That's a really nice flower on 'Belle Story'.  I wonder if I can get a decent photo of it with my point-and-shoot?

This flower from 'Sister Elizabeth' sure smells good.

After I walked away and went back to the house, not a single thing moved or was photographed last night.  In a little while, I will trudge back to the barn to put the SD card back into the camera ... and hope for some action out there tonight.  As soon as I capture something interesting, I will let you know.  (Kathleen has also used her camera to 'nanny cam' her dogs in the house while she's away.  I fully intend to do this to see which one of our dogs plays with throw pillows at night.)

In the meantime, here is the photo I took of 'Belle Story'

Happy Friday, Everyone!


  1. What a fun camera to have. I never heard of one either-sounds like a security device? It will be interesting to see what "critters" visit you in the future~xo Diana

  2. Nutsedge! I'm plagued with it all of a sudden. It is spreading like kudzu, and you just can't pull it up.

  3. You got the camera... cool! I can't wait to see what is 'lurking' in your gardens at night!

  4. You are going to have lots of fun with the camera. I try to leave ours in place about a week before checking it. Recently, I put it behind the heatpump to watch the chipmunk who makes his home somewhere under the machine.

    Last winter, you might recall, the camera took a photo of a fox in the side yard. Kind of exciting for us city folk.

    Also last winter, we strapped the camera to one of the trees near the back of the property, hoping to see a raccoon. That turned up nothing. Zilch. But a squirrel came right up to the camera and looked into the lens.

    Nutsedge. I heard of a product on my neighborhood listserv called Sedgehammer. I'm very, very tempted to try it out.

  5. Love this... have often considered getting one for our backyard too. Let's hope you see some sneaky varmints out there tonite!


  6. I would enjoy that in our yard to watch what happens when we aren't out there. That is one beautiful rose!

  7. My son has one and I love seeing the racoons spin the deer feeder! The racoons have the deer trained. Just as soon as you see the the racoons come up, the deer start gathering. The bad thing is, they can sure empty a feeder fast!

  8. Funny, my dad
    gave one of these
    to my animal-lover
    daughter for X-mas
    last year....We got
    a few bunnies, but
    mainly zilch. Didn't
    put it out this year;
    this reminds me to
    find it and try it,
    xx Suzanne

  9. I don't think a camera like this would be fun at all for me unless it really did point-and-SHOOT the armadillos that invade my garden nightly. It would drive me really crazy to watch them plowing through the rose beds and still be unable to do anything about them! But I hope you have fun with it.

  10. Not fair! Now you've made me want to go and get a camera like that... Would love to see what the deer get up to when I'm not in the summer house and garden!


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