Friday, July 8, 2011


This sign hangs over the back door in our kitchen.

I use its simple message to inspire me to clear life of extra stuff and stress.  Truthfully, I'm not doing as good a job of it as I would like, but I see progress peeking over the horizon and I'm doing what I can to go toward it.  Baby steps.

Today is a mental health day ... I seem to need more of these lately.  I am going away for the day with friends (remember the wedding hats?) and we will eat, and shop, and talk ... mostly eat and talk in my case, because there's nothing I need to shop for.  We also have planning to do to promote our Canine Cancer benefit in November ... more on how you can help with this coming soon.

I hope it doesn't cause a problem, but I am going to turn my Word Verification back on at least temporarily.  It's either that or get rid of Anonymous comments.  (The Russian spammers have been VERY busy.)


  1. I lost my Samoyed from cancer. A good cause, but what can be done about it in their already short lives?

  2. I'll be interested to hear about the Canine Cancer fundraiser.

    So many of my friends have lost their dogs to this. And you know i love my pups!!

  3. Yes, we have lost two dogs to cancer over the past 3 years.

    Maybe you could talk those Russians into helping find a cure. It's not like they are doing anything else productive with their time.


  4. I love that sign! I, too, am trying to SIMPLIFY my life because it just gets to be too overwhelming after awhile! Baby steps are good! We'll get there one day!

    I hope you have lots of fun today and enjoy your mental health day!

    Durn Russian spammers... sorry to hear that!

  5. I'm trying to live that sign as well.

  6. Love your sign Connie! I am still working on my 'organize' for the year. Seems I've taken a break from it...whoops! Time to get back to working on the basement. Sigh...enjoy your day with your friends, nothing better! hugs, Linda

  7. Simplifying life is always the best! Thanks for reminding me. Wishing you a nice relaxing day with your girl friends.

  8. I know you girls are having fun. I could use a few mental health days myself.

  9. I need to simplify my life, since my brain has gotten quite simple already.

    Have fun, Connie!

  10. Have a blast!
    I still owe you
    a picture....need
    to dig the right
    one out....will send
    it soon. I hope you
    can relax and enjoy!
    xx Suzanne

  11. Simplify - what a great reminder! I hope you have a great time with your friends. Sometimes we just need to step away and have a few laughs.

  12. I think I was on a bad path to OVERsimplification! Work and roses. Recently, I got jerked back to reality and had to add housecleaning and laundry. Apparently, my max is 3 things because roses dropped out due to the heat. Whew! Summer hit just in time! I'm also getting a bit more sleep. I don't think this human being is meant to stay up until 3:30 on the weekends. No more of that! I don't mind the word verification especially if it foils those Russian spammers.

  13. Sorry about the spammers and you know I'm right there with you about simplifying! My mental health days this week were a welcome respite!

    Kat :)

  14. Good for you, you deserve it. I was planning on doing a lot to day. But I've been very stressed by work and other things. So I just went to get a mani-pedi. I needed to indulge myself a little. I can work in the (very hot) yard tommorrow.


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