Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Playing Hooky ... and Thrifting

The pressure of managing Emma's problems, the roses, the family, and whatever else all at once, was weighing heavily last week.  It got to the point where I was really crabby, and I was snapping at people for the smallest things.  I needed an afternoon to myself to regain some perspective. 

I decided to head to Richmond to the Habitat Store to see if they had a couple of windows to finish off the plan to redo my greenhouse.  (That way I could accomplish something useful while I escaped.)  When I arrived, I found that the store was closed ... should have check this BEFORE I drove the hour to get there.  Since I was already in town, there are LOTS of other places to hunt for junk ... so I set off to see what I could find.

First stop was Diversity Thrift.  I love this shop, though I rarely find anything that I can use.  Mostly, I see things that would be wonderful and imaginative for folks who are setting up housekeeping.  Let's see what caught my eye.

The chairs with this dining set were HEAVY and well made.  I loved their lines.  The table had two leaves.

This dining set was wonderful ... a table and six chairs with this much style for $120!  There was a little bit of damage to one of the chairs (see second photo).  Honestly, whoever buys this is going to paint it, so the damage will be a lot less noticeable once it's finished.

This little rattan dinette would be perfect in someone's sunroom or on a large porch.  The chairs swivel, and everything was in great condition.

Imagine this buffet with a coat of paint, and perhaps some light distressing.  Be still my heart!!

My favorite thing was this set of four Parson's chairs.  They would be SO easy to reupholster or slipcover.

What did I buy here, you ask?  Nothing eventful, I assure you.  I left with a comforter to add to my stash of dog blankets for the car, a retro lamp with flowers that look a bit like roses, and a dog print to donate to the Greyhounds Rock benefit auction in November.

A thrifting trip to Richmond is never complete without a stop at my favorite store, Class and Trash on Route 1 in Glen Allen.  I am not exaggerating when I tell you that I have NEVER left this store without buying at least one item ... and I have been shopping here for as long as I can remember ... well before the current ownership.  This place is paradise!

Since my original reason for going to Richmond was to look for windows, I checked out the stash of windows in the outdoor area here.  These beauties were ALMOST what I was looking for ... not quite the right size, though.  RATS!!

Inside the store, I visited for a minute with Lisa, one of the owners, then I set off to see what kind of treasures were to be found.  You NEVER know what you will find at Class and Trash.  The prices are incredibly reasonable, and stock turns over very quickly.  You do NOT leave a piece you love behind to think about it, because you can guarantee that it won't be there when you get back.

I looked at this lamp, and decided not to buy it.  (I had already bought a lamp at Diversity Thrift, remember?)

How about this painted bedroom set?  It had a headboard, footboard, dresser, chest of drawers, AND a night stand!

These French-style headboards were beautiful.  The church pew was a great size ... and you already know that I have a soft spot in my heart for vintage oriental-style rugs.

This sign was great!  (It said "Road Under Construction" on the other side.)

For those of you with nautical decor, this lobster trap is a winner.

Tobacco baskets can be used SO many ways!

This vintage mover's dolly has great patina.

I loved these industrial light fixtures ... too bad I don't have a place to put them right now.

Here's one ...

... and there's two more over here.

THIS was the light that I drooled over the most ... but I left it behind.

If someone is renovating a vintage bathroom, like I did in our basement, this medicine cabinet would be perfect.

Things like this vintage industrial cart are all over the 'Web right now.

This Empire-style sofa was in beautiful condition, and ready to be a feature in some lucky person's living room.

There was something about this little retro chair that I found appealing.  I love the shape of the side table beside it, but not the yellow paint.  Paint is easily changed, though.

How about an old-school locker to add storage to a narrow space?

There was a time when I would have been all over these Luray cups and saucers.  I began buying Luray in the early 1980s, and I have managed to collect a huge set of dishes and serving pieces. 

With all this treasure to choose from, let me show you what I bought.

This 1960s school desk will be a perfect bedside table.  I love the color ... all it needs is a good scrubbing, and it's read to use.  (There's even a wad of petrified gum still stuck to the underside.)

I added this chamberpot to my budding collection of ironstone.  It's in perfect condition.

If the other one didn't have a flowery decal on it, it would have also come home with me.

When I got home with my treasures, I wasn't quite so crabby anymore.

(For other posts about Class and Trash, click HERE.) 


  1. You saw some great things. That school desk looks like what we had when I was in elementary school. Soooo many years ago....

  2. Both of those stores are amazing! I enjoyed the photos and lots of goodies for sure. I love the little school desk and what a great idea to use as a bedside table. Stress makes me crabby also and junkin makes me smile! hugs, Linda

  3. Shopping is so therapeutic for women... Glad it put you in a happier mood. :-))


  4. OH! Be still my beating heart!!
    I LOVE Habitat. We have one right in our little downtown. And we have a plethora of other vintage/junk stores. The only kind of shopping I do :)
    The skirt I have on in the pic at the end of my Nana post was found at our little CC's Junk and Treasures! It still has the original label in it. Things like this make me squeal with delight!

    I loved this post! Make this a regular. You know, "Connie goes shopping for Vintage and Such..Her Therapy Post!"
    I hope you are feeling better. I do now the weight of too much on the mind.
    xo, misha

  5. Funny how a little retail therapy can calm the nerves. Looks like some wonderful places to go. Makes me want to go antiquing!

  6. Isn't it funny how shopping can make us feel better? It works for me, too, and I like just this kind of shopping.

  7. I too like thrifting, all for what I can turn it into. A good day out for relaxing.

  8. I used to love to go and shop for stuff like this. Unfortunately, I have no room left, so I don't torture myself looking anymore. I love it all!


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