Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A New Addition to the Kitchen

When we were looking to buy this house, I knew from the moment I saw it that I would tear out the old kitchen and put in a new one.  (One day, I'll have to do a big 'before and after' post on our kitchen ... not any time soon, I'm afraid.)  I researched every aspect of the new kitchen, buying exactly what I wanted without compromise.  That's not EXACTLY true, there was one compromise ... the range.  Out here in the country, we don't have natural gas service, and I wasn't sure about installing propane, so we chose a top of the line Frigidaire electric range, with a flat cooking surface and double ovens.

I have hated the cooktop portion of this range since the moment I first turned it on.  It takes forever for pans to preheat, but it only takes an instant to go from not-hot-enough to I-just-burned-dinner.  For the past four years, I have tried to figure out a way to deal with this, and now I am giving up.  Out goes the electric range, and in comes my new love ...

The GE Cafe Dual Fuel range.

This is a photo of the range at the showroom.

Yesterday afternoon, the nice man from the propane company (Hi, Gene!) came to give us a price on installing LP gas to the kitchen for the new range.  The installation will be very straight-forward and the price is reasonable, and I quickly signed the contract to get the process started.  After the permit is processed by the county, we will schedule them to come set the new tank and run the lines.

Look at this stove!!  Isn't it gorgeous?  What's even better is that it should cook as good as it looks.  This range is Dual Fuel, which means that the cooktop portion of this range is gas and the ovens are electric.  No longer will I have to tolerate an electric cooktop with a thermostat that cycles the burners on and off to maintain temperature.  The flame I set is the flame I get, and I expect cooking to become fun again.  The new range has dual ovens like my current one ... that bottom drawer you see is a small oven that can be used to bake or as a warming drawer.  This range has a lot of function in a very compact package.

As soon as the gas is installed and the range arrives, I'll show you how it looks.

I'm really, REALLY excited about this!!


  1. I have electric also... Someday when we move back to civilization I hope to have gas again. :-)

    Love your Dual Fuel! It's great looking!!

  2. It's a beauty alright! I love cooking with gas, and we are on propane too! And I love the smaller oven, it's perfect for keeping pancakes warm on Christmas morning or for baking those extra dishes at Thanksgiving! Congrats!

    Kat :)

  3. How nice and lucky you. I have the stupid glass cooktop that gets too hot, too because we are total electric. Maybe some day I can get a gas stove and use propane. Then I might like to cook more.

  4. I've been curious about propane, as well. From time to time, we think about living at the cabin fulltime and the subject of propane tends to come up.

    Congratulations on the new stove. It's a beauty!

  5. Awesome!

    I have the 2005 version of the Kenmore Dual Fuel (made by GE) and I love it! The 17,000 btu burner and the simmer burner, warming drawer, warm zone, etc. on mine are wonderful. You will Love, love, that range!

    Happy cooking/baking!

  6. That's one nice looking stove! This is one time it will be great for you to say... "I have gas!"

  7. Yay, i completely understand how you feel about the gas range! yuk!

  8. How exciting! I like the dual fuel concept! Will have to keep that in mind if I ever need a new oven!

    Can't wait to see the end results!

  9. I have an electric range and I hate it, too! We hope to renovate the kitchen in a year or two, and we will definitely put in gas. Your stove is handsome. Can't wait to see some pics of it in your kitchen.

  10. I love it!! Happy cooking once you have it installed!!

  11. Congratulations! I hope it cooks as good as it looks!

  12. I too have a gas (propane) cooktop and electric oven....I love, love, love it. The best combination out there!!!

  13. I once had a dual fuel cooktop/range and loved it. Maybe one day I'll have another - but in the meantime I'll just admire yours. You have excellent taste, girl!

  14. Congratulations. I'm interested in how big your outside tank will be, and where you'll put it. My great aunt had one the size of a small submarine just off her back porch! Ugh!


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