Tuesday, July 20, 2010

One of My Favorite Stores!

At least once a month, I have to stop at Class and Trash, on Route 1 north of Richmond.  It is probably the best antique/junk/salvage store I know.

The treasures lined up along the front of the store are only a taste of the wonderful variety you'll find when you step inside!

Class and Trash is owned by Ken and Lisa Waldrop.  It is usually Lisa who rings up your purchases, and Ken who helps load them into your car.

Look at this wonderful cane settee!  With $49 on the price tag, I think it would be easy to look past its two small holes and bright red paint.  See the claw foot tubs in the background?

Here on the side of the building, I saw the usual stacks of doors and columns, and an iron bed frame.  There are stacks of wooden shutters off to the side that you can't see in this photo.

The last time I was here, I found this long wooden store counter right inside the front door. 

On top of the counter was this duck decoy, a wooden box, an old wheel, an antler-handled carving set, and this fabulous collection of crocks.

I fell in love with the shape of this green sofa.

This pie safe is perfect!

I thought these Empire side tables, placed back to back, would make the perfect base for a dining table!

There are treasures stacked on top of treasures.  How about these Victorian side chairs?

There's a jelly cupboard and a wide variety of small items reflected in the mirror of this oak dresser.

More decoys, a collection of hose nozzles, and old soda crates are among the items in the hutch on top of this primitive table.  Did you see the cute little stool and the wicker basket full of quilts?

This pair of old lockers almost came home with me ... they were only $75!!

Here's another primitive table, along with this wonderful wooden tool chest.

I have this 'thing' for trunks and chests.  This one was also calling to me, but I left it behind.

How about this little toy kitchen hutch, with it's tiny canister set?

Here's a perfect pile of old suitcases, in beautiful condition.

In the interest of full disclosure, I have to admit to you that I have NEVER left this store without buying something.  There is always at least one item that I cannot seem to live without. 

On this particular trip, I had to have this old wedding photo.  I love the fact that all of the women are holding huge bouquets of roses.  On the back of the photo, in perfect block printing, it says:

Wedding Picture
Louis F. Luedtke -- Ethel Bader
June 17, 1913

L. R. Cora Luedtke, Herbert Bader, Ruth Bader, James Carlton, & Matilda Penner

It bothers me that this photo was sitting in a shop.  I wonder why no one in the family kept it.  The names of the folks in the photo are unusual enough ... I bet I can track them down.  (I did this once before with a wedding certificate I found in a shop.)

I also bought this fabulous little trunk!  Here it is in its new home, underneath the walnut end table in our family room.  I told you earlier, I have this 'thing' for trunks.

Class and Trash has a little bit of something for everyone.  The prices are super, and the store is full of new things every time I visit.  If you heading up Route 1, just north of Virginia Center Commons, be sure to stop in and check it out for yourself.  You just might see me there.

(written by Hartwood Roses.  Hartwood Roses blog.)


  1. Crap on a cracker! I would be in deep poop in this place. I can't even allow myself to go near one. I have no room left in my house.

  2. Sure wish we lived a bit closer to Richmond. It's a couple of hours away for us. LOVE that shop and all that they offer and I would be in big trouble if I stepped foot inside. Well, my wallet would be in trouble... *grins*


  3. I need to go there. That little green sofa is quite appealing.

    So, you tracked someone down from a photo and returned it to them? That's fun. I did that last year with a footlocker I purchased to use as a coffee table. I'd purchased the footlocker for $8 at the Ft. Myer thrift store. The footlocker had belonged to a man who had served in WWII and was later killed in Vietnam. I kept looking at his name and wondering why his family had not held onto it. So, thanks to Google, I tracked down his widow in Fredricksburg and sent her a letter saying I had it and asking it they would like it back. Long story, but she had reluctantly let the footlocker 30 years ago because she didn't have room for it. She was happy that I got in touch, wanted to have it back, and her daughter really wanted it. The son-in-law came over and picked it up one afternoon and now the footlocker is with the soldier's daughter. Just like it should be.

  4. What a fun looking place to shop! I don't need anything, but sometimes in a place like that, something calls to me! Thanks for sharing. ♥♫

  5. Wonderful store! I want to visit! I love the photo and how sad to find family heirlooms like that is stores. But at least you love it!

  6. Wow! What a store! There are items in each picture I would love to have:) You know you can buy cane to fix the lovely red settee...I guess its a good thing I don't live closer.
    Love the picture and trunk you bought, the picture is a rare find. I do hope you find out more about it.

  7. The bride's name in your "new" photo portrait, Ruth Bader, sounded so familiar & I kept asking myself why. Finally I remembered: Ruth Bader Ginsburg! Wonder if there's a family connection?

  8. Those are Mennonite last names on the photo you bought. Not sure if that helps or not. That's an amazing store - I would love to have one like that close by.

  9. So much great stuff! I want to go! I could spend all day there. Seriously. I think the suitcases are my fav.



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