Thursday, April 25, 2013

This Year vs. Last Year

It seems like everything in the garden is much later than it was last year.  For the past two years everything was really early, so who's to say what normal is anymore. 

Here is an example of how late we are (or how early last year was).  This is a photo that I published on 4/19/12 ... if I remember correctly, the photo was taken the day before.

This is the same toad house, in the exact same spot ... photo, from a slightly different angle, taken yesterday afternoon.
The rose is 'Reve d'Or'.  It has only been fully leafed out for a few weeks.  Its buds are small and fat, and I imagine we are two weeks from seeing its first flower.  The roses in the rest of the garden are in a similar state ... full of buds, and I am looking forward to what should be a pretty great rose season. 


  1. Same at my house, though my Old Blush has buds where I can see color. It is always my first bloomer. It's going to be beautiful when they all start blooming!

  2. We just had such cold weather so late this year. It sort of kept spring and the blooming season at bay.

  3. Same here. I haven't even gotten everything fully leafed out...late OGR's, for instance, like Madame Hardy, haven't broken out.

  4. Well, there is hope. We still have snow on the ground here and it is all the way up to 40 today- xo Diana

  5. We too still have lots of snow on the ground...2 feet in most areas, with drifts 3-3 1/2' high. Temps have hovered in the 30's to low 40's for highs...sometimes reaching down into the minus temps for lows.

    In contrast...last year we already had temps in the 70's by middle March, and by the end of March all of the snow was gone, ice on lakes had gone, and leaf buds had begun to appear on vegetation.

    Our first day of 60's for this year may be tomorrow! I do hope it's true!!!

  6. You know they're coming and that they'll be beautiful. Eager anticipation. (Sure beats utter disappointment)

  7. I agree things seem to be blooming a little later! So hopefully that's a good thing! Can't wait to see your Roses in bloom!

  8. Yes everything is later this year, also on the other side of the world it seems. Here the roses just started sprouting. Funny toadhouse for smart toads, my toads have to do with old terracotta pots with a hole in it.

  9. We are at least a month later than last year, but I didn't realize you would be have at least six weeks difference! Hopefully, when everything starts to bloom it will be worth the wait.


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