Sunday, April 28, 2013

Sunday Snapshot ... More Wildlife

Moving my game camera to the path overlooking the Rose Field has proven to be less-than-fruitful, as far as capturing photos of four-legged wild creatures is concerned.  It was, however, a great way to document the comings and goings of The Husband and me on Saturday, as we worked to clear out the front left section of our barn (so we can stack the slabs of our oak tree in there, and finally get them out of the front yard).

Bright and early, I walk to the barn to check out the situation and get started ...

... followed shortly thereafter by The Husband, bringing things in our golf cart.
Here he is, walking back to the garage to get bolt cutters ...
... and walking back to the barn.
Back to the garage again ...
... to get a pitchfork.
One more trip to the garage as we are finishing up ...

... to get the leafblower and his mask.

There are no photos of me returning from the barn, because I walked up behind the camera to grab the memory card and take it back to the house.
The game camera has been sitting in this spot for a week.  Other than the fox and deer photos that I showed you last week, the camera has captured exactly ONE photo of real wildlife ...
... a cat.  I don't recognize this cat, but it looks like it's definitely a well-fed cat.  I would like to think that he/she is returning from the barn after a successful mousing expedition.  This may really be true, because we only found two mice while we were working, and there were a bunch of old abandoned mouse nests.
I plan to move the camera to another spot later this morning.
Have a great Sunday, Everyone!!
(some of you have asked about my game camera.  It is a Bushnell Trophy Cam ... click HERE see it on the Bushnell web site.)


  1. LOL - That's just the kind of wild life action I have in my back yard! Except, of course, for the rascally rabbits...

  2. Yes, Connie, the most common "game" on my camera has been me...coming and going in the garden.

  3. We don't see much wildlife here other than birds. I've been wondering if I should purchase and put out a camera at night to see if anyone even lives out there. LOL

    Oh gosh... how many times have I watched my husband play the back and forth to get tools game. He is exhausting to watch sometimes. :)

  4. That's some serious wildlife!

  5. I get loads of rabbit photos. Then, us with the dogs, heading out for walks. Daily life....Coincidentally, I also had a cat photo in my last bunch.



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