Thursday, April 11, 2013

Silly Dorothy

I thought I would share a little micro-glimpse of my morning with you.  I have been sitting here with my laptop at the kitchen counter, thinking that I should sort and put away all of the things that have piled up on the other end of the counter.  Dorothy has now decided that this would be a great spot to hang out and chill.

Most of us have spots like this in our homes ... the places where items are put down (instead of put AWAY) and piles gradually accumulate. 
In this view, the most obvious thing (besides Dorothy, of course) is Daniel's stuffed chicken dog toy that I took away from Ruby.  The paper that Dorothy is laying on is my calendar.  Underneath that is the top of a pair of old jeans that I cut up for a project.  There's also the tape dispenser, two remote controls for the TV in the corner cupboard, a red gift bag with a tax receipt letter on top of it, and my DSLR camera (which is sitting on a pile of TWO of my genealogy notebooks).  To the left, and out of your view, is a pile that contains Miss Mustard Seed's book, a Christmas tour brochure, a small pile of more tax receipts, business cards, and a pad of graph paper.
I admit it, I make piles ... at least the rest of the room is tidy.
Dorothy has settled in even more now, so I will not be working on that pile this morning.  Sweet dreams, Dorothy.


  1. lol...yep, I will admit to a pile, at the empty space on my kitchen table. I try to clean it up every friday, sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn't. It annoys me, but at least it is the only pile. ;) have a great day Connie!

  2. LOL.. We are pile makers in our house too. Just glad the dogs can't get up on the counter and lay on them like Dorothy can. xox

  3. Well, that works out great- a perfect perch for your cat-gives him a place to rest and you an "out" to not have to touch the Sweet kitty- xo Diana

  4. Have to admit I'm a piler too. A habit I keep trying to break ... with no success. But Dorothy doesn't seem to mind!

  5. I am afraid I have too many piles in my house at the moment, too many different chores to do but I adore cats like Dorothy chilling on their perfectly chosen spots.

  6. Ugh....piles, don't get me started!!!! The hubby has tax time piles EVERYWHERE!!!!

    Janet xox
    The Empty Nest


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