Thursday, August 16, 2012

Pony Riding

Even the most mundane errands are enjoyable, if the day is sunny and clear ... and one is driving a convertible.

My Mustang is finally home from the mechanic's shop!!   

A year and a half ago, it overheated while The Husband and I were out for a drive.  (Something in the engine blew, and it spewed antifreeze all over the ground.  Click HERE to read the post from that day, and to see photos of my poor car being carried home on a roll-back.)

I have a fantastic mechanic, but he was backed up at his shop and he couldn't get to my car until this past March.  When he disassembled the engine, he found a mess ... my car's original engine was ruined, and it was all the fault of the shop who rebuilt it ten years before. 

It took months, but my mechanic sourced and rebuilt another 1966 engine (instead of a new Ford motor, which wouldn't have been right for my car).  He used all the correct parts, carefully assembled, and he assures me that this engine will last for at least another 30 years. 

During the break-in period with this new engine, I have to drive it a bit more often than I normally would ... and earlier this week I took this car as I ran errands around town.  (There were lots of stares as I pulled into the parking lot at the grocery store and at Goodwill the other day.)

Ten years ago, this car was a gift from my dear husband.  It's not his favorite, but he knows how much I love 1966 Mustangs, and he found a beautiful one for me. 

I am thrilled that my car is back home!  It is especially comforting to know that all of the problems it used to have are gone ... and that it is now comfortable, safe, and reliable.

Look out, Fredericksburg ... I'm back on the road!


  1. That is one beautiful auto! I learned to drive in one similar - can't remember the exact year but looks very much like yours inside. Have loved them ever since. They just don't make 'em like that anymore! Enjoy!

  2. I am so jealous! What a great car! I too learned to drive in a Mustang and just loved it. Our families wasn't a convertible but oh be still my heart it was a sweet red ride! Enjoy it!!
    hugs, Linda

  3. What a gorgeous Mustang! And a great year for them.... My love would be a '67 Cougar. Funny how there are just some things from our teen years that we never get over.

    Glad you have that pretty thing home with you finally!!


  4. what a treasure

    it is so sharp and I know you look good sporting around in it

    I love old classic cars

  5. Lucky girl! I loved the older mustangs. My sister had one and it was gorgeous, but Texas with no AC wasn't fun.

  6. As my nephew would say, "sweet"!♥♫

  7. Can I tell you how much I love Mustangs? And how jealous I am of yours???? I'm from Dearborn, Michigan originally (home of the Mustang) so I feel an affinity for them. Yours is beautiful. Have fun!


  8. OMG-- what a gorgeous car!! How lucky are you to call this your own! Your photos are lovely-- I feel like I've been on the drive with you!!!


  9. It is beautiful. I can understand why you get appreciative/envious stares!

  10. It is a very beautiful car...I am so glad it is back on the road!!! I am soooo jealous...miss my 1967 Mustang, need to get it back! :) donna

  11. WOW, your mechanic must be very, VERY good if he was backed up for that long with customers! I'm glad that the wait seems to have all been worth it though. Your Mustang looks awesome, and the new engine sounds like a dream.

    Nanette Henriquez @ Bell Union Auto Service


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