Thursday, August 23, 2012

Making Fig Jam

I spent a delightful morning yesterday, making fig jam and totally trashing my kitchen.  (It would have been less of an ordeal if my dishwasher wasn't broken ... new one on order ... washing dishes by hand until it arrives.)

My fig trees by the barn are producing a double handful of fruit every couple of days.  After three harvests, I had gathered enough figs to make a batch of jam.  (Figs can be stored in the refrigerator for a few days, in a single layer in a covered container.)

The recipe:
5 cups chopped figs
1/2 cup lemon juice
1/2 cup water
1/2 teaspoon butter
1 package Sure Jell pectin
7 cups sugar
Wash figs.  Remove stems.  (I also cut a small slice from the bottom of the fig.)
I used my ancient Cuisinart food processor to chop the figs.
This was way easier, faster, and safer than chopping the figs by hand.  Considering the incident where I sliced off the tip of my finger a couple of months ago, you can understand why I'm still a little bit leery of knives.  (My finger is fine now, thank goodness.)
In a large pot, cook the figs, lemon juice, water, and pectin until the mixture comes to a full rolling boil, stirring constantly.
Add the sugar all at once, and return mixture to a full rolling boil. 
Let it continue to boil for one minute, stirring constantly.  Turn off the heat.  Skim off any foam.
Ladle jam into sterilized jars.  (This batch made ten-and-a-half 8-ounce jars of jam ... the half-jar went straight into the refrigerator.)  Process them in a water bath for 10 minutes or so.   As the jars sit on the counter to cool, the lids make a very pleasing popping sound as the jam cools ... which indicates a good vacuum seal.  Store any jars that don't seal in the fridge.
Now it's time to enjoy the fruits of a good morning's labor.  English muffin, warm fig jam, and a good cup of coffee.  Yum!
I'm using a lot of left-over paper party plates for now ... remember, the dishwasher is broken.
I have had store-bought fig jam before, but have never made it myself until now.  I am surprised how different the home made jam looks and tastes.  Home made is a lovely rosy red (not brown like store bought) and it has a very fresh taste that reminds me of strawberries.
You can bet that I will be out later this morning, gathering more figs to keep to make more batches of jam.  I should put up as many jars as I can while I have figs ... so we have enough for us for the rest of the year ... and enough to share with friends.
Speaking of sharing ... let's do a spur-of-the-moment giveaway.
Everyone who leaves a comment on this post between now and Saturday night will receive an entry into a random drawing ... I will draw a name on Sunday morning and send the winner a jar of fig jam.
(Be sure that I have a way to get in contact with you.) 
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  1. My parents have fig trees, but I have never tried fig jam before. I know that their figs are not usually ready until about mid-September. I will have to check on them! Again, thank you for visiting my blog!

  2. I would love to have a jar of your fig jam. I have a ceramic top stove and I've been told not to make jam, do canning, etc. unless you have traditional burners. I need to research that a little more.

  3. Oooh - fig jam! Sounds fabulous - please, please pick me!

    Thanks for writing your blog, i truly enjoy reading it.
    Lee Anna

  4. Our neighbor has a fig tree but he is 'snowbird' so is not here when it ripens and has said we could pick it any time...I just didn't know what to do with them. However, the jam certainly looks yummy on that english muffin...what a perfect breakfast.

  5. Great job on the fig jam!
    I just made fig jam the other day (you can see on my post)...and the strawberry color comes from the variety of fig....and I agree, the strawberry color is so much prettier and appetizing!
    My "Brown Turkey" figs make brownish jam....
    Jam making is addictive...good job.

  6. Danielle, you must try this ... it's so easy.

    BTW, your email is hidden, so I have no way to contact you directly. Please consider making the change so you can receive personal replies to your comments. If you need help, I'll be happy to talk you through it.

  7. This looks wonderful! Count me in - I'd love to win some.

    I tried to make persimmon jam last year and it totally flopped - it was awful! I think I must've gotten some that weren't ripe in my batch or something.

  8. Oh my.......I hope you will come and link this tomorrow to my "Open House". This looks great! I am printing out your recipe for my files!

  9. I just noticed you are in Virginia - I was born in Hampton and grew up in Yorktown!

  10. I used to eat lots of jams and jellies... a couple of years ago, eating them would make my heart race.... must be the sugar in them. Soooo, now I stay away unfortunately.... that muffin with the jam on it really looks good!

  11. oh figs are so yummy. Our niece has a fig tree in her yard in Los Angeles and we pick them off the tree, munch away and visit all at the same time. Thanks for your selection to my photo's of 'fence quail'.

  12. I just joined your site as a 'follower'. cool

  13. sounds yummy count me
    Carole R.

  14. YUM!!! I just copied down this recipe, one day I will have enough figs, need more trees...right now I just have snacks in the yard, love my figs! :) donna

  15. WE have a fig tree that was originally from Italy that belonged to my husbands grandparents. This year is the first year that we have yielded some decent figs. I absolutely LOVE fresh figs but not a fan of Fig Newtons! I would love to know what fig jam tastes like so I am hoping I can win a jar! If we get enough fig some season I might like to try my hand at making some. I will have to copy your recipe for future reference. It looks delicious!~Patti

  16. Not entering, but that jam looks great! It DOES look different than what you buy at the store!

  17. YUMM!! I love fig jam- and yours is so pretty! I would love to win a jar- what a great give away!!

  18. holy cow pies that looks wonderful. I've just started with serious gardening (I had a few tomato plants in years past) and canning this year. I will definately keep my fingers crossed for a jar of that beautiful fig jam. Thanks for a chance to win - laurie

    llsbaskets at comcast dot net

  19. Wow- That looks amazing. I don't think I have ever had fig jam....but do love fresh figs. I would expect it to be brown- what a surprise, huh? Don't sign me up for the giveaway though- I have won several already this year- xo Diana

  20. Who can resist home made fig jam! Count me in please.

    Donna M

  21. Hi Connie,

    I love Jam!

  22. I only like the homemade fig jam as it has such a nice 'strawberry' taste to me also. So glad you had a good crop of figs this year. hugs, Linda

  23. I used to make a sort of cross between preserves and jam with my figs..... delicious.
    Try just a dollop of your jam on top of a cracker with a little goat cheese!!
    Unfortunately I couldn't pack up my fig tree when I moved last fall and so now it's 900 miles away.
    Waaahhh I miss my figs!!!

  24. I love love love pretty sure I'd love fig jam just as much...
    if I should win a jar..
    drop it off with Janet and I'll pick it up...and maybe
    even share with her....
    :~)Kelly Ann

  25. Just a quick note to let you know that starting tomorrow, I will begin hosting a new photo meme on my blog. Please come join me at "Orange You Glad It's Friday", and post a photo displaying a little or a lot of orange, my favorite color! Hope to see you there!

  26. I'm in! Hopefully I'm not drooling on the keyboard so much that I am unable to post my response!

    xo jane

  27. I love figs and fig jam, it looks wonderful. I remember having a recipe that used it as part of a glaze for chicken, so good! Visiting you from A Delightsome Life.

  28. I'm getting ready to plant a fig tree this fall. Just got to figure out where I can put it first....

  29. Loving the color of this jam -- the photo with the English muffin made my mouth water. Yum!

  30. I have a wonderful cake recipe using fig jam that I make every Thanksgiving, and always scout the farmer's market for local fig jam. Now I've two new fig trees of my own and eagerly anticipating future crops so I can make my own jam.
    The fig jam cake is available on the Southern Living website, if you're interested!

  31. Fig jam sounds so amazing! My neighbor has a couple fig trees - I am sure she'll love this recipe! I have thoroughly enjoyed my visit to your blog and appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,

  32. Do you recall what kind of fig you planted? I've planted brown turkey and celeste but am in a new house and would like to replant. I love how they actually produce delish fruit without spraying or really any care at all. Please enter me in the drawing.

  33. Ooohhh pick me, pick me! Love fig jam! Wish we had enough sun to grow them -- or anything edible!

  34. I have never had fig anything before (that I know of) Your recipe sounds so easy..

  35. That looks amazing and with home made bread...delicious! I'm glad to hear your finger is fine.

  36. Oh yum! I have tried 2x to grow figs, I know they grow in this area, but I haven't had luck. I would love to try fresh home made fig jam, I know what you mean by store bough. Not great. Yours looks so good!

  37. There aren't many things more wonderful on a chilly winter morning than home made jam on a crisp crunchy english muffin.

  38. I love to make seasonal fruit jams for us and for gifts; everyone especially loves the fig jam. Today we went to my favorite source to pick figs; I wish I had a photo of the house in the pioneer town Mokelumne Hill, CA, where the huge old fig tree in the front yard shades the little 120-year old home! These figs are especially sweet and juicy, and I also like to dry them for chewy sweet snacks.

  39. I looooooove fig jam. my grandmother had a fig tree right outside her kitchen window. brings back such good memories. I love to sit in that tree. I was much smaller then lol. thank you for this article.


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