Thursday, August 30, 2012

One Thing Leads to Another

Do you know that you can see what Pinterest folks are pinning from your web site or blog?  (or any web site, for that matter)  The URL to use is:"insert-web-site-URL-minus-the-www-stuff

To see what has been pinned from my blog, the link would be:

What you get when you go there is a page that shows everything that's been pinned from the site, by whom, and who has repinned or commented or liked the pins. 

Like this:

Most of the time, people pin photos of my furniture or building projects.  Sometimes I see that they have pinned photos of my roses.  My most popular photo, as you can see, is the post where I detailed how to use Annie Sloan's clear and dark waxes on my big blue dresser. 
What I noticed yesterday is that someone pinned photos of Lu-Ray Pastels dinnerware that I took at the DC Big Flea.  She titled her Board "Lu-Ray Love", so knew that I had a fellow Lu-Ray fanatic on my hands, and I clicked through to see what else she had on that Board.  (I find the best stuff for my own pin boards this way!!)
This person appears to be a recent Lu-Ray collector, and she has been quite busy, pinning dozens of images from sources all over the 'Net.  As I scrolled down, I found another one of my photos ... this one was our cherry china cabinet, filled with a portion of my own Lu-Ray collection.
She didn't pin it from my blog, though.  It came from a Google search, and the link-back was to  It's definitely mine ... I'd know my own china cabinet anywhere.  The provenance of the photo won't get lost, thought, no matter where it came from, because I insure the safety every photo that I publish online by applying a watermark.
There have been one or two comments recently from Anonymous folks complaining about my watermark, saying that it's distracting and takes away from my photos.  Perhaps it does, a little bit.  When I edit my photos, I always adjust the opacity so the watermark is almost transparent to try to help with this ... like on my hummingbird photo from last week.
Because my watermark is always on my photos, I don't worry that folks are pinning and re-pinning my images.  In fact, I am extremely flattered that anyone would take the time to search out things that I have published and that they like what they find enough to pin it to use later.
So, Folks, feel free to pin whatever you find here that you like.
Speaking of pinning ... Do you have favorite people that you follow on Pinterest?  I always love seeing what my rose friend, Carolyn Parker, is pinning.  (warning:  don't click that link unless you have LOTS of time to spend.  Carolyn's boards are gorgeous!)
Want to see what I have on my Pin Boards?  Click HERE.  (In response to a suggestion by a kind reader, I have added a Pinterest button to the top of my sidebar.)


  1. Love Pinterest ~ just followed you ~ "happy pinning"

  2. Thanks for the link Connie. I didn't know about it and I'm not a pinterest guy, although I appreciate the interest of others in what I blog. I think it's important for you to keep your watermarks since you post very excellent and detailed photographs. I don't bother because my photos are of less quality and I usually post compressed images anyway.

  3. Haven't gotten into Pinterest, Twitter, or FaceBook. Barely make it through my blog reading as it is.

  4. You know I have kind of avoided Pinterest because I just don't have the time to follow it...and I am just a bit afraid that I will get addicted....You do have some beautiful photos and what an honor to have someone pin them- xo Diana

  5. I don't spend much time on Pinterest but I do enjoy my boards when I have time. It would be fun to see if anyone pins any of my photos. Thanks, Linda

  6. I think it's a good idea to watermark your photos. There seems to be alot of thievery going on these days so I don't have a problem with it as I mark my photos as well. Imitation is the highest form of flattery so I'd feel honored if pinned a pic that I had posted.
    Even though I have a Pinterest account, I don't spend much time browsing and pinning...I don't have the time. I'd rather read my favorite blogs ;D
    But if I find something that REALLY interests me, I'll pin it.

  7. following you now! That's good to know about Pinterest. I logged on there one time and saw a few of my things pinned, and it was so shocking! LOL....good idea on the watermark.

  8. Hi Connie

    I haven't used Pinterest, though I did set myself up an account. I've just not gotten around to finding out how it works.
    I'm really impressed with your new house project by the way, I can't wait to see how that comes along!

  9. Thanks for the info. I just went and looked, and I'm kind of surprised at all that's been pinned from my blog! I don't mind people pinning my pictures, but I have always hated the popular reference "Google search", especially when you click on the picture in google, it will take you to the website, at least it always has for me.

  10. Yay! I love this post. A new Pinterest tip I didn't know!

    I don't know who is complaining about your watermark, but I would ignore them. Your watermark IS NOT distracting. And with my trained graphic designer eye I would know. Trust me. You do a great job of keeping it subtle. And it's critical in this world of Pinterest to have a watermark leading back to your site.

    Cindy at Rosehaven Cottage

  11. Thanks, Connie... That white picket fence with pink roses is where I would love to live. I have no idea how to use Pinterest, and I still don't have a Facebook account, and have never really taken to Google + either, but it is delightful to browse through your pictures.


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