Saturday, August 11, 2012

Hello, Pixie.

Eagle-eyed readers noticed something different about me in the photos I published in THIS post from two weeks ago.  (In that post, I shared photos of The Husband and me wading in the Arctic Ocean on our anniversary.)  A few of you mentioned my new 'do'.

This is The Husband and me, dressed up for one of the formal nights on our Alaska cruise, with Glacier Bay in the background.

Bye-bye, long hair.
(The first photo in THIS post about Daniel is a good photo of me with the ponytail)

So long, layered bob ... transitional cut that you were.
(I showed you the bob in THIS post.)

and HELLO to fantastic, wash-and-wear hair!

I love this new cut! 
(It's spunky and sassy, just like me.)


I can't leave today without expressing my gratitude to each of you for your kind comments, FB messages, and emails in response to my last post about closing the rose sales portion of Hartwood Roses.  To be honest, I made this decision a while ago ... I was just finally able to find my muse and could put my feelings into words yesterday to make the announcement. 

Thank you, thank you for your support and encouragement!


  1. Oh- I LOVE your new hair cut. If my hair were that short I would look like I had a Brillo pad on my head (seriously!;>) You and your hubby make a beautiful couple. xo Diana

  2. We girls with our sassy haircuts and our rosie attitudes can make a've shown that and I believe you always will~

  3. I absolutely love it and wish I was brave enough to do it!

  4. The hair looks perfect on you and lets your great smile shine through. Love it! Sorry to hear about the change in your propagating business, sometimes other things must take priority and that is understandable. :-))

  5. I LOVE your new "do". I've never looked good with short hair, but it suits you perfectly! I'm still trying to figure out what to do with mine....


  6. The new haircut is fabulous and just the thing for summer...wash and wear indeed!

  7. You know I'd love you bald and I'm happy you found your did the right thing for the right time and for the right you can breathe.

    Janet xox
    The Empty Nest

  8. I LOVE your new "do"! I like my hair cut shorter the older I get...I can't stand hair in my face or eyes and I like to wash and dry my hair as fast as I can. I think it really suits you! Sorry to hear about your business...I am sure it was a thoughtful decision.~Hugs, Patti

  9. I love your hair..........I did that a few years back, and couldn't have it any other way now.
    and sounds like we are in somewhat the same place with our 'business' life.

  10. You both look wonderful~ a great capture with a gorgeous background~
    I love your sassy pixie~

  11. It looks lovely, it really suits you. Great pic of you both.

  12. I love the haircut...and am a little envious right now...somehow my hair is growing out...for how long, we will see...but your hair looks great! And concerning the business update, I don't think that you will regret it at all, a good decision at the right time...your roses in the rose field will love all the attention they are going to get!!! And I can still come visit! :) donna

  13. I really loved your long hair--you wore it vEry well!
    BUT--this short doo is fABulous!
    I wish I had the courage---

  14. Love it! And you too are a great looking couple! So photogenic you both are!
    xo, misha

  15. You look SO cute with short hair girl! Glad to see Daniel is doing better on his meds and is back to pizza begging.
    I understand it must not have been easy to make the decision to not sell roses anymore but we can only do what we can. Maybe someday when you get the rare roses under control.


  16. Hello Connie. It looks as though I’m arriving just in time for major changes. If all goes as well for you as the new “do” it will be smooth sailing.

  17. Connie-- you look stunning in this photo-- what a gorgeous photo of you and your handsome husband. I hope you enjoyed your cruise--- we've done Alaska 3 times-- loving every minute of it.

    I totally understand your choice to close the rose sales-- we're not getting any younger-- )


    Ps- I meant to say STUNNING - not stunning ( lower case!)


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