Wednesday, January 18, 2012

One Picture Can Say So Much

This is the view from my kitchen window.  It says a lot about me.

Front and center is our barn, which we worked so hard to restore.  If you haven't read about it, click on the 'Our Barn' photo on the sidebar.

The green garage is one of my better designs.  I wanted it to look like a country carriage house that had been added onto over the years.  It serves us well, and it fits into the landscape really nicely.  (one day, I'll have to tell you about how and why I designed it.)

There's my pick-up truck ... my trusty truck.  I haul all sorts of treasures in that truck.  The Husband's truck is behind mine.

The Arcade holds nine climbing roses ... it's that thing in the sunshine beyond the garage that looks like a line of columns.  It is beautiful when the roses are blooming, and it leads visitors to the Rose Field beyond the gate.

Framing the view, is our pecan tree ... the tree that arches over our entire back yard, that our daughter was married under last summer, and that I practically guard with my life.  It is the best element of our property, in my humble opinion.

The window sill is deep, so it's hard to not pile stuff there.  From left to right I see:  two paintbrushes in a jar, a turquoise glass insulator, an African Violet, a Blue Pea plant that I brought back from Key West, and two tiny pomegranate trees.  There's other stuff that you can't see in the photo ... like a 3-inch Saguaro cactus, another paintbrush, and the receiving unit for the remote thermometer in my greenhouse.

This view is only here during winter while the trees are bare.  When spring comes, the barn gradually disappears and everything else is masked by leafy branches ... but there's always too much stuff on the window sill.


  1. What an awesome photo. Pictures tell the most amazing stories. Enjoy reading your blog. Thanks!

  2. have you restored the slave shanties yet?

  3. I like your view. I think when people build homes, they should always try to have the best view out a window over the kitchen sink. Smiles to you,Susie(She Junks)

  4. That is a beautiful view, it makes me miss the country house I used to own...


  5. What an amazing tree... and how lucky to have such a mature one on your property. Always breaks my heart a little when I see a storm desecrate some of the big old trees.

  6. What a lovely view, and I wouldn't have noticed the things on your windowsill if you hadn't mentioned them. Ours has a habit of getting like that too, but that is all I see as our view isn't as good!

  7. That's a lovely window, and I do like a full window sill...

  8. So wonderful to look out the window at your world!

  9. Very nice view. We don't have great views from our windows because everything is just brown right now. We planted a dozen new trees last year and hope to get another group in the ground this year. But most of them are fruit trees so while they will be pretty for half the year, they will be naked the rest.

  10. I need a view. My windows, even if they weren't covered to protect from our heat, would still only see the neighbors, the school, or the fence. AND, would you believe I have NO WINDOWS in my living room. Yep, none. It's a cave I tell you.

  11. The view just keeps getting better and better! Thanks!

  12. I love my view from my kitchen window but its nothing like that :) So pretty....

  13. Morning Connie,

    What is it about sweet kitchen views that make us feel like we are safe at home. Yours is a gem and having seen that stately Pecan tree in person, I can whole heartedly agree that it is a stunner.

    I too have a lovely kitchen sink view of huge Black Walnut trees, rolling Virginia fields and of course my girls (cows!). Now if I only had your beautiful deep windowsills......

    Happy Thursday my friend

    Janet xox

  14. I would just be happy with a kitchen window above my sink... just won't work in this house... perhaps my next one. Love this photo. It has so much to say. :-)


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