Sunday, January 15, 2012

I Changed My Mind

When I went to my booth yesterday to rotate and fluff the inventory, I had planned to bring the red settee home with me.  On my way there, I realized that the settee is BIG, and I don't really have a place to store it till I'm ready to start slip-covering it, so I left it there and I brought the little cream and turquoise table home instead ... the one that was between the two green velvet chairs.  (you can see a photo of it in yesterday's post)  I will keep it at home for a while, and put other things in its place. 

This time, I put this lovely thing into the booth ... I finished it the other day, and I'm eager to show it to you.

It's a Henredon side table with a very sophisticated touch of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint love.  (I totally forgot to take any Before photos of this piece.)  The bottom of the table is painted in my new favorite color, Primer Red.  It's lightly distressed, just enough to add character, and finished with amber and dark wax.  I left the top alone, simply freshened it with a bit of dark wax.

These old pieces are made really, really well ... it's just the style that could use some help.  I love how it looks in this color!! 

Here it is in the booth.  Hopefully, it won't be there for long.

It's a relaxed morning here at the Manor. 

Alice and Dorothy and Daniel and I wish everyone a very Happy Sunday!


  1. It's too cold this morning not to just relax indoors. Hope the little table sells quickly for you.

  2. We've been cooking, and eating! and I'm about to go out to photograph an old school house that's being put back up. Why today? because I'm a gluton for punishment sometimes. Brrrr....

    Your crew looks so comfortable and warm :-) Happy Sunday to you-

  3. That's a great looking little table and the color suits her perfectly. A good manufacturer, too! Hope you have a warm, cozy Sunday- xo Diana

  4. You made fast work of that table! Impressive.

    I wish I could sit somewhere with my laptop in my lap. Something about my proportions makes doing it impossible.

    Happy Sunday!

  5. You all look warm and snuggled in! Love that table! I would think it would sell quickly. hugs, Linda

  6. Hi, love the color of the side table now... good quick work! and I just adore the photo with the kitties : ) You encourage me to do the same some time with our dear doggie. He is a bit larger than the cats, nice cuddly sheltie boy.

    Wonderful cold sunny sunday here in chicagoland... thanks for the post!


  7. I like that color also!!! It looks good!!! Lazy day here also, it was nice to stay in close to the fire, too cold outside!!! :) Donna

  8. What a great job on the little table! It's nice that you saw a well-made piece and brought it up-to-date. I enjoyed doing some catching up reading your back posts. Very nice!

  9. Just another snuggly Sunday morning at Connie's! :) Everyone looks so warm and cozy. lol! I dare say that your little table won't be there long. It's beautiful!

    xoxo laurie

  10. Hey Connie,

    Having seen the side table in person, I can state that it is GORGEOUS in Primer Red and dark wax!! You did a lovely job bringing that little piece to life..I love it.

    I really like keeping the wood tops on tables and dressers when I can...iI think it add to the beauty.

    Big snuggles to Daniel and the ladies ;->

    janet xox

  11. A very beautiful little table! I have one very similar to it except mine is oval. I can't find who made it but it's a very well constructed piece I bought somewhere. :/
    I like the darker colors of wax to deepen the paint color. What brand do you use?
    Mine needs repainting badly and you've inspired me as to what to do. Thanks!!

  12. Connie, your booth is looking fantastic. I am so glad it is working for you.

    Happy New Year, by the way. I haven't had much time for visiting. Work is keeping me crazy busy.


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