Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Not to be Outdone by Her Sister

Alice found her own toasty place to relax ... on my laptop.

Yes, she's on the kitchen counter ... but it's the tall bar counter, so we look the other way most of the time.  Beside her to the left is a contraband hair tie that she has obviously stolen from the dish in my bathroom. 

Oh, I just noticed that you can see the finished crown molding in this photo, too!!  (As soon as I get some decent light in here, I'll take photos and do a true reveal on the molding ... it looks SO GOOD!)

This post edited to add:

After I hit 'publish' on this post, I walked away from the laptop for a SECOND, and I found THIS when I returned:

lousy photo quality, but you get the idea.  Bad kitty.


  1. Aww, she doesn't look like a bad kitty to me, look at that face!! And doesn't Dorothy get too hot on the rads?

    Kat :)

  2. Lol, bad kitty, indeed! I have a cat with similar tendencies. The crown moulding looks great.

  3. I love naughty pets. LOL

  4. Hahahaha, she was planning on doing her own post, I'll bet.

    The molding looks GREAT! I had no doubts it would.

  5. Charlie loves my laptop also as a warming pad!! She is cute even if a 'little' bad! Oh and that crown molding is awesome. hugs, Linda

  6. Too funny! Alice has lovely markings on her pretty face...too cute to be naughty.

    LOVE the molding!!!!!!

    Janet xox

  7. That Alice! One of my cats steals my hair bands too. The moulding look great, can't wait to see the whole thing.

  8. Sweet baby. Reminds me of a cat we had when we were first married. Hubby was going to college and Calico liked to lay in his open brief case. She thought it was her bed. LOL
    My dog, Banjo, likes to climb all over the keyboard of my laptop if I'm not giving him enough attention and away he would type! I didn't know he knew a foreign language!! hehehe

  9. What I'm not doing anything wrong? haha
    Bella used to lay on my computer all the time but I have it elevated now so she stays off.
    Love that rad photo too.

    ps great way to end my night

  10. Oh, look at her cute self...she's adorable. You should see all the naughty things my two kittens are up too...ugh!

  11. Kitten on the keys... My cats do the same thing. I love naughty pets, too. The molding looks incredible! Isn't it amazing how it can transform a room?


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