Sunday, October 9, 2011

A Saturday Stroll Downtown

Daniel and I went to downtown Fredericksburg yesterday afternoon, to get some exercise and enjoy the beautiful, sunny fall day we were having.  I had worked in the yard all morning (more on this soon), I needed a break, and he needed some 'mommy time'.

Fredericksburg was chartered in the early 18th Century, and we have a huge range of historic buildings here, from pre-Revolutionary to Victorian to modern.  As Daniel and I walked, I used my Canon Elph camera (which is always with me) to capture some of the images that appealed to me. 

This is Masonic Lodge #4, where George Washington was made a Mason ... did you know that Fredericksburg is George Washington's boyhood home, and that his sister married and lived here?  I imagine the fencing on the sidewalk surrounding the building is to keep people away until they get the earthquake damage on the chimneys repaired.

Finding this parlor set outside of an antique store gets me all motivated to work on the one that I have that's almost identical!  I got mine on Craig's List, it's painted Rustoleum gloss gray (ewww!), and it needs a bit of love.

This porch on this Italianate house (now an inn) always gets my motor running.  I'm not too big on Victorian decoration, but this one is absolutely perfect!  (In case you're wondering, there is no progress on our front porch to report.  Too much going on recently to devote any time to it.  I think it's going to be a winter project.)

The Visitor's Center was displaying the flyer for our 'Take a Bite Out of Canine Cancer' benefit in November.  (Click HERE for details)

The Husband liked this photo of rooflines along Caroline Street, and he thinks that it will make a neat painting.

Another roof ... This time it's a colorful Second Empire house.

Goolrick's Pharmacy is a local landmark.  Whenever Presidential candidates have made their brief appearances in Fredericksburg, they always seem to do a photo-op at Goolrick's lunch counter.

There is a small garden of hybrid tea roses in the courtyard beside the entrance to the Old Town Hall (now the Fredericksburg Museum)  It looks like the earthquake took out one of the chimneys, and it's wrapped in a tarp for now.

The Lewis Store is one of the oldest commercial buildings in the country.  It was owned by Fielding Lewis, husband of Geo. Washington's sister Betty, and it was restored and is used by the Historic Fredericksburg Foundation.

Another roof.  This one is Dog Krazy, a wonderful dog store!  Fredericksburg is an incredibly dog-friendly town.  Daniel and I met lots of dogs while we were out, and he was welcome in many of the shops.

The plaque above the door on this building says that it was a school founded in 1803.  It now houses offices.  I love it because of the fantastic porch and the sensitive and imaginative way they blended glass panels and a commercial door on this 200-year-old structure.

This brick outbuilding is behind one of the larger houses on Princess Anne Street and it fronts Lewis Street.  I always seem to be attracted to simple, well-proportioned, utilitarian structures the most.

I loved this view of the Japanese Maple tree through the wrought iron gate on the other side of Lewis Street.

This is just a doorway on a house that I like.

Here is one of my favorite buildings in town ... another Italianate, like the house with the porch earlier.  It was a doctor's house when it was built, but it has been lawyer's offices for as long as I have lived here (30+ years at least.)  The building is immaculately kept, and the garden is beautiful, as you will see in a second.  Isn't this porch incredible?

Here is part of the garden, on the side of the house, with the little building that I am told was the Dr.'s office.  It is just as well kept as the house, and it's a great feature in this garden filled with roses.

One more porch ... this one is the side porch of the Doggett House on Amelia Street.  This porch overlooks the house's parking court, which is adjacent to a lovely boxwood garden with roses and perennials.

By this time, Daniel was tired and it was time to load him into the Jeep and head for home.

I hope you enjoyed your walk with me!


  1. LOVE the yellow Italianate! What a nice area to take a stroll... I love when historical building are preserved and "among the living".

  2. You live in such a gorgeous town! I love old historic buildings and would love to visit someday. I'm glad you and Daniel had some Mommy Time! hugs to you, Linda

  3. I love them all, especially the yellow one!

  4. Fun, fun, fun! I love walking and just looking in old town Fredericksburg!!! October in Virginia can be absolutely gorgeous, glad you got out for a walk with Daniel, Emma was there in spirit! I'm sure! Hugs, Donna

  5. I love Fredericksburg and all of its wonderful architecture. I love the house with the old doctor's office and it's lovely gardens. So glad you and Daniel got out for a stroll on such a beautiful day!

    Kat :)

  6. What a gorgeous old town. I love that little brick outbuilding too! And, your hubby is right- I think that roofline will give you a wonderful painting! xo Diana

  7. Good for you to get on out there and take Daniel with you. Lovely buildings on the tour. I'm partial old brick buildings for some reason.

  8. Fredericksburg has some wonderful architecture! Great shots!

  9. I love downtown Fredricksburg and make a point of driving through it whenever I am headed anywhere on 17. Next time I am going to get out of the car and walk.


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