Saturday, October 1, 2011

Heavy Heart

My dear friend, Gale, and her husband had to say goodbye to their big, sweet boy, Asher, yesterday.  He was sick on Thursday, and went downhill quickly Thursday night.  Radiographs Friday morning revealed a large mass in his chest, and Gale did the loving thing and let Asher go ... though it broke their heart to do it.

I love this photo that I took of Asher while all of us were on vacation in Gatlinburg earlier this year.

I was at the same vet yesterday morning with Emma.  (She has been off her feed, and I took her to see the doctor to make sure she isn't sick.  Bloodwork and x-rays are inconclusive, and she ate a little bit better yesterday, so perhaps she is on her way back to her old self ... prayers here will be appreciated.)

I am incredibly thankful that I was at the vet at the same time as Gale, because losing Asher so unexpectedly was a huge blow ... to her, to her husband, and to our veterinarian.  I hugged them all, and we cried, and I did my best to give comfort.  At times like this, there's really nothing to say ... tears and hugs can heal, and I offered all I had.

Was it a coincidence that we were at the vet's office together?  Perhaps not.  I think I was supposed to be there.

(If you're local and want something fun to do today, come see me at the Greyhounds Rock booth at the Downtown Dog Fair in downtown Fredericksburg, Virginia.  I'll be there all day ... raising money for canine cancer research ... in memory of Asher, who is now another angel waiting at the Rainbow Bridge.)


  1. Sweet, sweet Asher. So sorry he's gone but that Rainbow Bridge just couldn't do without him any longer.. Thanks for sharing this news with us and I'll be thinking of your sweet Emma too.

  2. So sad- My daughter lost her Great Dane when he was only 2 year old-his stomach turned (like a horse's will). Sadly, the Great Danes are prone to get stomach problems and masses her vet said. It is just sad- you love a pet much like a family member which makes it so sad when their life is so short. I'll say a prayer for your friends and for your "baby". xo Diana

  3. So sad and yes, you were meant to be there to comfort a friend.

  4. Oh, that's so sad. I lost my kitty recently and I know how hard it is.

  5. My sister's beloved lab rescue died last week. I know he's already playing with my beloved who has been gone from me ages.....

    Prayers indeed....&have a fun day.

    XO T

  6. I am so sorry. I truly am. My prayers are with her.


  7. So very sad and I am so glad you were there to give comfort! No coincident it was meant to be! Hugs, Linda

  8. How sad. Poor Asher. Good that you were there for your friend.

    Sending good thoughts Emma's way.

  9. Prayers to all. Knowing they no are no longer suffering always brings me a small amount of peace. Missing them, never ends. Rest well, Asher.

  10. Ugh. I don't even want to think about it. Worst part of loving them so.

  11. so is so hard to let them go, but it is the right thing to do. I would never want a good friend to suffer that way.
    Hugs to you, and your friends.

  12. Oh yes.... all of us who love our dogs can identify with the pain. So sorry for your friend. :(

  13. Connie my heart goes out to Gale and her husband, I know all too well the pain of losing a dog you love with all of your heart, and unexpectedly. I do believe you were meant to be there for them, and I hope that you raised lots of money today so that others won't have to suffer the pain of losing a dog to cancer.


  14. You know Connie, I've never been one to believe in coincidence, it was meant to be on so many fronts!

    All the best~

  15. Oh, heart is just broken for Gale and her husband. I know all too well what they are feeling right now, and it's not easy. It never gets any easier, either. I'm so glad that you were able to be there for them. What a blessing you were to them. I will keep your sweet Emma in my prayers, too. ♥

    xoxo laurie

  16. Connie, It is never easy to say that long goodby to our 4-legged babies. My heart goes out to you and your friends. I gave Lucy and Charlie extra hugs this morning in spite of them waking me up a 5am on a Sunday.

    R/ Liz

  17. Many prayers for Gale and for your baby, too.

    Mary Ann

  18. Connie- this is truly a touching post. Those of us who have pets and love them like family ( because they ARE family) - really do understand the heartache of losing a beloved pet. I am so very sorry for your friend and the loss of beautiful Asher.

    And- yes- it was fate that you were there to comfort your friend. I hope your little babe is doing netter now too- we worry over our pets just like we do our children.

    Thanks for sharing this special story-/


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