Monday, October 17, 2011

A Random Sort of Weekend

Like most weekends around here, this one was full of random things that aren't very interesting by themselves.  When gathered together like this, I think you can see that it makes for a really fun few days.

On Friday, I had lunch and went shopping with a friend.  I'm on the hunt for a cardigan sweater -- one I can wear with practically everything and use instead of a jacket.  Sweaters are super hot right now, so you would think that finding one I like would be easy ... WRONG!  Everything is too trendy and we didn't find a single one that I wanted to take home.  I did find these babies, though ...

Leopard/Rose print rubber cowboy boots ... the only pair in the store ... on the clearance shelf ... $20!  I'm not sure there's any way to make me much happier for $20.  I wore them to dinner on Friday, and all day yesterday.  Aren't they great with jeans?

One day, I'll get the nerve to wear my jeans tucked into the boots.  For now, having them peeking out at the bottom is perfect!

Let's go from beautiful boots to something that is perfectly hideous.  This was what I saw while I was sitting in the drive-through at McDonalds ( medium Caramel Mocha, please).  As if red or black dyed mulch isn't bad enough ... now they have ORANGE.  The contrast between the sickeningly orange mulch and the yellow-toned shrubs was more than I could stand.  Who thinks this is stuff up?

The herbicide that I sprayed on the area that will become my Labyrinth Garden is doing its thing.  The grass and weeds in that area are looking pretty sickly.  I should be able to lay paths and edging later this week.  I may spray another coat on the areas that will become the rose beds ... just to be sure everything is dead.

The same day I sprayed the Labyrinth, I also sprayed the edge of my English Rose Garden ... being especially careful to keep the chemical well away from the roses themselves.

Weeds are still a bit of a problem, though some of them are lovely, and we really ARE making progress in eliminating them.  How can I get too upset by these white asters (though they are huge and everywhere) when the flowers are so irresistable to butterflies?  At one point while I was standing there watching them, there were FOUR Monarch butterflies on this one weed at the same time!

We had a Greyhounds Rock meeting this weekend.  Our "Take a Bite Out of Canine Cancer" event is four weeks away, and there are a thousand details still to be dealt with.  (and there's still time to register to attend.)

Taylor and Quinn are standing at the door, watching the neighborhood children play in the cul-de-sac.

I'm so glad that so many of you enjoyed my series about my visit to Hollywood Cemetery last week.  I had no idea that it would take four posts to show you my one afternoon's worth of sights.  If you missed any of the posts, here is a list of links:


  1. Ok fess up where did you find those gorgeous boots? I would love a pair all of my own!!!!! And just $20 - what a steal!!!!!

  2. Cute, cute boots!! I am so glad you are not afraid to mention the use of round-up. I get so many negative comments about chemicals in the garden. Sometimes you just have to pull out the big guns... I don't like the red mulch either, I do however like the more natural goldish color, not orange :)

  3. The boots were at Marshall's, but they are available online all over the place. They're not expensive, even if you don't find them on clearance somewhere.

    Darla, dear, I'm not afraid of much ... and I talk about most of what I do here. I tend toward organics whenever they're my best choices, but I have no problem pulling out chemicals for a specific task. No insecticides at all are used in the garden here (not even soapy water), but targeted herbicide for weeds and garden preparation and preventive use of fungicide.

  4. Those boots are perfect for you and oh so cute!!

  5. I have a tiny little nightgown, that I bought for my granddaughter when she was little, that would match those boots perfectly! The doggie butts in the last photos is an adorable "end" to this post!

  6. Adorable boot find!!! And so perfect for the rose girl!...

    Love that last photo of the dogs... my, what muscular haunches!... All the better for running, yes.. I know.

  7. Love the boots... And I like the wild asters, too. They make a good filler flower in an autumn rose bouquet. :o)


  8. Connie, those are some cowgirl boots I could go for! Very cute on you. That's a sweet photo of the doggies. Your post reminds me that I need to use my Round Up, too. Pretty soon you'll be digging your new bed.

  9. Oh, yes. Those boots are hot. I can see why they make you happy.

    And, I am definitely not a lover of "colored" mulch. What were they thinking?

  10. Those boots stopped me in my tracks! Lucky you, to find them!
    The pic of the pups watching the children..well that melted my heart!
    Thanks for including that :)
    xo, misha


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