Thursday, October 13, 2011

Rockin' the Red (Roses) in Hollywood Cemetery

In yesterday's post with photos of monuments and sculptures in Richmond's Hollywood Cemetery, I promised to be back today with photos of the roses.  As I sat here on the couch yesterday afternoon with my laptop, and a cat, I realized as I was formatting photos that I have THREE posts worth of rose photos to share. 

Today's subject is .... RED.

This is a China rose, in the Dorsey/Cosby plot overlooking the James River.  I'm fairly certain that it is 'Louis Philippe'.

This bush is taller than I am ... and look how many flowers are on it!!

Here is 'Louis Philippe', marked with a tag, in another part of the cemetery.

This is what the whole bush looked like this week.

and this is the same bush, three years ago, after it was blown over in a storm.

'Mrs. B. R. Cant' is one of my very favorite Tea roses.  She is not fussy, loves hot weather, and she blooms her butt off in the cemetery, and in my garden, from spring until late fall. 

Technically, this rose isn't red ... but I put it here anyway, because dark pink is almost red.
(Besides, this is my blog and I can do whatever I like.)

This bush is beside President Monroe's grave in President's Circle (President Tyler is there, too.)  You can see the tag that the cemetery puts beside some of their roses.  Most of the roses, however, are unmarked.

There is an Old Blush also in President's Circle.  It was full of hips, and I pinched a few to see what the seeds will do.  (If you missed the post about my winter project of growing roses from seeds, click HERE to go to the post where I show you how to get started.)

This red China rose is in one of the Williams plots.  I don't know which rose it is, but it was incredibly photogenic ... soft, cloudy light is PERFECT for photographing red flowers.

This was probably my favorite shot of the whole day!

Do you see how many buds are still on this rose??

I'm fairly certain that this large bush is 'Radiance'.

The rounded flower form and darker petal reverse is a classic characteristic of 'Radiance'.

I'll finish today's ode to RED with a China rose whose flowers start pink and age to a beautiful red.  This rose is in the Reuter plot, and I'm fairly certain that it is 'Archduke Charles'.  Whatever it is, it loves where it lives and it was a beacon in the landscape.

Wait, maybe THIS one was my favorite photo.

Today's lesson is this:  if you want to get the best photographs of RED flowers, wait for a day with bright, high overcast skies.  Now get out there with your camera and see what you can do.

The title of today's post is a reference to the fact that it is now my favorite time of year ... HOCKEY SEASON!!!  It is tradition for Washington Capitals fans to wear red to home games  ... which is referred to as (you guessed it)  Rockin' the Red!  So far, my Capitals are 2 - 0 (having beaten Carolina and Tampa), and we are playing the Penguins, in Pittsburgh, this evening. 



  1. OK, not only were the previous post's photos amazing and today's with the roses even better but also a hockey fan? Sweet! Only problem is I am a NY Rangers fan and you have dominated us of late. Great post!!

  2. Beautiful! I think my fav is the Aruchduke rose, pink into red...perfect. Looking forward to more photos.

  3. So lovely in that setting. And your photos are beautiful.

  4. Their beautiful aroma fills my senses as I view your post today!

  5. Connie, with this post you have outdone yourself! The red Old Garden Roses together with the ancient grave stones are so incredible beautiful! Even though red roses are not necessarily my favorites, the subtle coloration of 'Louis Philippe' really won me over. Great photography!

  6. There's a heck of a lot of life in that cemetery! Lovely shots.

  7. Loved this post. And I especially loved seeing the bush shots. All are beautiful. Thanks, too, for the red photography tip. I can never seem to photograph red right!

  8. Oh would I love to grow Louis Phillippe!

  9. Dear Connie, I wish I could photograph red flowers so well -- I'll try your tip. Beautiful! P x

  10. My favorite is the Louis Phillippe. First rose I ever successfully rooted. As a result, I have a lot of them. :) I think it is my favorite rose. Mine is very fragrant.

  11. You and my daughter will rooting on the Caps tonight! And all of your photos are my favorites. Such pretty roses, each and every one of them!

    Kat :)

  12. Hi Connie, I went to Hollywood Cemetery on a trip to Richmond. I smelled Radience and could not get her out of my head. Thank you for identifying her. She smells and looks beautiful.


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