Sunday, September 4, 2011

Sunday Snapshot ... A Happy, Happy Dog

Earlier this week, I took Daniel with me to have dinner with friends in downtown Fredericksburg.  (We live in a WONDERFULLY dog-friendly town!)  Daniel is happiest on trips like this if he has a good run before we go ... and his favorite way to run is with a squeekie tennis ball in his mouth.

I opened the back door to let him into the yard, and he raced ahead of me across the deck and down the steps.  I'm really, REALLY glad I had my camera in hand to capture this expression.

I baited him a bit by squeeking the ball so he would prick up his ears like this.  I know, I'm bad.

If Daniel could talk, he would have been saying, "Throw the ball, throw the ball, throw the ball!!!!!"

Greyhounds aren't genetically programmed to play fetch, in the traditional sense.  Retrieving just isn't in their DNA, though I know some greyhounds who enjoy chasing a ball and bringing it back to be thrown over and over.  Daniel's version of 'fetch' goes something like this:

1.  Mom throws the ball.

2.  Daniel chases the ball, picks it up, and runs circles around the yard until his tongue hangs out.

3.  Daniel drops the ball somewhere WAY out in the yard and runs back to Mom panting and smiling.

4.  Mom smiles, too.

I hope all of you have a wonderful Sunday!

Here is a video from last spring of Daniel playing with his ball.  By this time, he had already made a couple of laps of the yard, and he was beginning to get tired.  He sure loves playing ball.  (Be sure your sound is on when you watch the video.)


  1. Oh Connie, thank you for this adorable picture, and video. I watched it twice!
    Daniel is my new bestie.... what a wonderful guy.

  2. Gotta love that Dsniel! What a wonderful addition to your life..a blessing! xo Diana

  3. Aww, happiness is a dog with a ball, isn't it? Frankie has gone to look out of the window to try to find where the squeaking is coming from.
    Thanks for sharing this Connie. The expression on his face is great too!

  4. So great to meet you, Connie! I enjoyed your description of how you found my blog -- I daresay it was easier to find yours!

    I so enjoyed your video of your sweet pup -- my German Shepherd Buck's ears perked up at the squeaking sound coming from Mom's laptop! Too funny!

    Now following you. I have a feeling we share some things in common. :)

  5. He's having a 'ball' playing with the ball! So cute! He looks as though he's smiling!

  6. Dogs remind us how simple it is to be happy if you just let it be that. Simple.

    Greyhounds are so graceful, aren't they.

  7. He's a peach..what a great grin :)

  8. As I played your video and the squeaky sound could be heard-all my cats stopped their playing and began looking for it! Too funny!
    I love Daniel :) What a sweet pea!
    I am learning a lot about Greyhounds because of you! Thank you.
    When Daniel runs, he is joy personified!
    Have a great day!
    xo, misha

  9. I can see Daniel smiling ear to ear while he chases his squeaky ball! Adorable!

  10. Hubby heard the squeaking and came around the corner saying, "What's that?"

    Not sure which is longer in the pic, ears or tongue. LOL! Cute!

  11. There is nothing more precious than a doggy smile, Connie! :) He looks sooo very happy that his momma's playing ball with him!

    xoxo laurie

  12. Isn't it great how something as simple as a ball will make a dog so darned happy! And of course a bit of participation from his human! LOL

  13. He is beautiful--what a good boy :) My greyhound plays only with his metal food bowl. I don't why. I don't question it anymore... :) It just makes him happy.

  14. What a great doggy smile! Does that tongue actually fit in his mouth so that he can close it? :)


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