Thursday, September 8, 2011

Lucketts Part 2, the Design House ... and a Surprise

While The Husband and I were visiting Lucketts, Virginia, on Labor Day, I took so many photos that I figured I should break our visit into two blog posts.  (If you missed Part 1, scroll down to the post from yesterday.)

Old Lucketts Store is three stories high, with booths and shops throughout the building.  As we reached to top of the stairs on the third story, I saw this:

We all read her blog and we are inspired by her story, but how many of us have actually run our hands over some of Miss Mustard Seed's fabulous pieces?  It was a treat to see these things in person.

One weekend per month, the folks at the Old Lucketts Store open their Design House, which is a separate building on the other end of their parking lot.  The items inside are high end, high style, and displayed beautifully.

There are items displayed outside the design house, too.  I wasn't able to convince The Husband that we NEEDED to have a life-size bull for the front of our house.

This display of industrial lockers, tables, and other stuff wasn't bothered at all by the steady rain.

This was my favorite of all of the signs we saw!

It would take a very large kitchen to make use of this island ... but what a statement piece it would be!

This little shed outside the door to the Design House is totally adorable!

I practically drooled all over this dry sink, and the double pendant light fixture above it.

I took a photo of this canvas "21" pillow for our friend Alison at The Polo House.

The styling in the Design House is perfection!

A white mantel in one of the rooms was decorated with silver and mercury glass accessories.

As we left Lucketts and headed for home, I felt energized and motivated to tackle a few more of the projects I have here at home.

Now for the surprise ... one lucky Hartwood Roses reader will win this hand-painted tile tray.  Details will be in tomorrow's post.  (this one is long enough already)

See you tomorrow!


  1. Hurry, hurry, hurry!!!

  2. I so want that bull too!

  3. I love the "Don't piss off the fairies" and I'm drooling over the large kitchen island. I don't have a room big enough in my whole house for that, especially my kitchen.

  4. Oh its been so ling since I've been there! But every time I go I spend over my budget, i just cant help it! An oak dresser for the guest room, our huge kitchen pantry, my favorite too tiny to be useful stool, our flower pots, the list goes on an on!

  5. I NEED that sign!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. So many pretty things! And I think I must have pissed of the fairies, because I am behind on everything and nothing about me seems very magical right now!

    Kat :)

  7. Love this place and how fun to see Miss Mustard Seed's amazing display! I love that print of the Dragonfly! The tray is very pretty....I'll be back!

  8. What a wonderful place to shop around, or just look around. All the pretties make my head spin.

  9. I probably would have brought the fairy sign on home; too cute.

  10. I stop by once a month or so, and hope to find something unfinished also...getting harder and harder to find...but I still come home with treasures. Love that place, and outside is where I find the most treasures. Donna

  11. Looks like it was a nice trip to Lucketts! Can't wait to get my chance for a prize from your trip!! That life size Bull would look great in front of your house. Cows once grazed there and I do remember my uncle bringing in a Bull to mingle with the cows.

  12. Oooh, it looks as though you had a gorgeous day out! Lucky you! It must have felt strange to see it for real - it seems as though it's an imaginary place to me over here!!!


  13. Amazing place~ the bull is so cute~ made me giggle~


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