Wednesday, September 14, 2011

One Week To Go

Next Wednesday morning, our second grandson will make his appearance into the world.  With so little time left, we had to do a family photo shoot for our daughter and her family SOONER rather than later.  She and her husband and son came here on Sunday evening, for photos and dinner.  It was a beautiful evening ... perfect for capturing the last few moments of her pregnancy.

The traditional belly-to-belly shot.

Grandson wasn't quite cooperating.

I love this one!  (though he's still not cooperating)

I saved my favorite for last!

I'm not a portrait photographer, and posing people is totally out of my realm of expertise.  Our son-in-law stepped up and posed most of these shots.  He said was glad that he could put to use everything he's learned while our daughter 'forces' him to watch America's Next Top Model on TV.

(Dinner, you ask?  I stopped by the farm stand on the way home from my meeting (see yesterday's post if you missed it), and I bought fresh corn and zucchini to go with grilled steak for dinner.  If you've never tried it, zucchini on the grill is delicious!)

My giveaway ends tomorrow morning, so you still have time to enter.  I have loved the comments left in everyone's entries!!!  Click HERE to enter.


  1. Many years ago, on the old rose forum, there was a woman named "Sis" that started out taking photos of her roses. She eventually became a professional photographer. That was around 1999-2000. It seems you are heading in the same direction.

  2. What fabulous photos! I know you are all excited about the new baby also! My favorite is the last one also! hugs, Linda

  3. Have not done zucchini on the grill in years. Thanks for the reminder of a great veggie fix!

    Love the family photos, and kids are so hard to get to cooperate... you did your best. :-))

  4. Muy guapos los tres y felicidades a la feliz familia. Saludos desde C.R.

  5. Oh, Connie, they are fantastic!

    Next week, already? Wow, her pregnancy has flown by. (from my perspective, anyway) I'll bet you are one anxious grandmother and I hope the shots of the new addition are as spectacular as the "before birth" shots. I know they will be!

    Thank you for sharing!

  6. Every grandchild decreases by 25% the time you can spend in the rose fields Connie! Sorry, but Congratulations! Nice pictures!

  7. Connie, I'm catching up and backtracking. Love those pictures and I think grandson looks really cute as does the whole family. They will love looking back at those shots one day. So, is the baby coming THIS Wednesday, the
    21st? Keep us informed. Deb


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