Friday, June 20, 2014

This is Why Cats Get Stepped On

Alice loves to lounge on the stairs.  At a glance, her striped fur kind of blends in with the pattern on the carpet, especially if I'm moving quickly going down the stairs, and I have nearly stepped on her on many occasions when she's like this. 

Now that I look at this photo again, I can use it as a good example of another facet of old house reality ... so many unfinished details.  The stair skirtboard and the treads are finished.  The balusters on the stair rail are stripped and sanded and ready for primer and paint.  The other half of the balusters are in a pile on a shelf in my basement workshop.  (I removed half of the balusters in 2007, to make it easier for the floor finishing crew to work on the stairs.)  The mitered return ends of each stair tread are in the workshop, too ... sanded and varnished and ready to be reinstalled once the balusters are put back into place.

All of this will be finished one day ... I keep telling myself this ... it's my own little personal pep talk.


  1. Oh my goodness, I can barely see Alice! You have to be careful with not stepping on her; she might only be slightly hurt, but you might get very hurt.

  2. I love how cats can find the most interesting places to 'rest'!! You will get it done 'one day'!

  3. Just Breathe......... lol

  4. This is a great photo.. and yes, home renovation projects can take years..... literally years. Do it as you can. xox

  5. so many things... I'm the same way. Onward & upward (someday) LOL!

  6. Do you think she does that on purpose? :-) But there's always something to do, and what's the rush, it'll be there when you return from this adventure, and the next one too! :-)

  7. Cats are strange but oh so lovable characters. They do tend to lay in our paths, or walk right in front of us when we least expect it.

    Home projects are always a work in progress, and as soon as one is finished there's another one to work on.

    Have a good weekend ~ FlowerLady

  8. But the gardens are weeded, right?

  9. Is it wrong that I lust in my heart after your stair runner? Like, major lust.
    Hello!!! I'm back in the blog world, catching up.... Cass


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