Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Progress on the Front Yard Hybrid Tea Garden

Summer weather has arrived, with heat and humidity, so work outdoors is more limited now.  Even so, I have made some good progress in my quest to reclaim and finish the final bed in my front yard Hybrid Tea Garden.  As of this afternoon, it looks like this:

As a reminder, the photos below document where this project stood last week:

A weedy mess!

Weeds are pulled, and now beginning to install landscape fabric.

The front boundary of this bed is edged with bricks from my brick pile.  They do a good job keeping the grass and weeds in the "lawn" from creeping into the garden.  The rear edge of the bed needed something more substantial, so it can help stand up to the "ground cover"  (weeds and creepy plants) that grow there under the dogwood tree.  I chose to use tumbled concrete wall stones.

I drew a line onto the landscape fabric with silver Sharpie as my guide for laying the stones.The wedge shape of the stones does a good job of hugging the radius of the garden boundary, and the stones are heavy enough that they can just sit on the ground without having to be anchored in place.  

Once I go to the store and buy the rest of the wall stones, and then spread a good layer of mulch to cover the landscape fabric, this garden will be finished!  I am so excited at the prospect of checking this project off my list.  

(To see how this garden was designed and created in the first place, click HERE.)


  1. Work, work, work. But isn't it nice to check something off that unending list!

  2. Wow! You make me hot and tired just looking at all the work you've done and still have to do. Looking good.

  3. It's good that you are just about done with this bed, as it is just too hot and humid outside these days. Summer is definitely here in s.e. FL. Yesterday was miserable so I worked inside.

    I read the post where you started this bed and you've done a lot of work and it has given you much beauty in return.

    Enjoy the rest of this week ~ FlowerLady

  4. You're so close I'm sure you can taste it!


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