Sunday, June 1, 2014

Sunday Snapshot: What's Back By the Barn?

For the past week, we have been finding animal parts in an area toward the back of our property behind the barn.  First it was a couple of deer legs, then it was a portion of a large dead bird.  Yesterday, it was big chunk of deer hide that resembled a hairy rawhide dog chewy.  

My trusty game camera is the perfect tool to use to identify whatever animal is responsible for this.


This was the area where a mama groundhog dug a burrow and raised a litter of three babies last year.  A fox family appears to have moved into the empty den now and has set up housekeeping.

Having foxes in residence back there should keep the groundhog numbers in check, so we aren't overrun with them like last year.

Looks to me like one of these foxes in the photos is larger than the other(s).  Perhaps it's a parent and kits?  Whatever the situation, they are welcome.  We don't have chickens, and neither do any of our neighbors.  Based on the animal parts outside the den, it looks as if these foxes have mostly been scavenging, not hunting.

I will continue to monitor the area, to see what else may be back there.  I'll let you know if I find something.

It's a beautiful day today ...

Happy Sunday, Everyone!


  1. Foxes!!! How wonderful!!! One day back in TX (we lived in the country) I was sitting in my craft room and something out the window caught my eye. An absolutely gorgeous fox was dashing by the side of our house and he turned back to look at me before dashing on... wonderful moment.

    We also had a problem with ground squirrels at that house. They are so cute but quite the nuisance .. their holes popping up everywhere and getting in the garden. Well one day we noticed we hadn't seen them in a while....... and while mowing grass we found out why...we came across a coachwhip snake. He had apparently moved in the area and shazam! the rodents were GONE! Coachwhips are not poisonous so he was welcome and he kept to himself... Sometimes you just gotta let nature take its course... :) Love your foxes!! And that game camera is awesome!!! If i ever find myself in the country again ( fingers crossed) I gotta get me one of those!! :) Hugs!deb

  2. I'm glad you're going to let the foxes stay. I don't mind having them around either, because once they leave, the coyotes move in, and to me, that changes the dynamics for everyone.

    Hope you've had a good weekend, it's been gorgeous, hasn't it?

  3. So pretty. I'm also glad you're keeping the foxes. Just as long as you don't live in a heavy rabies endemic area (speaking now in my veterinarian voice).

  4. Wow Connie, great photos! Your mystery is now solved.
    I so enjoyed meeting you yesterday. Your presentation was wonderful. It's great that you share your knowledge about roses. I appreciate knowing what roses are happy in your garden. ♥

  5. Your spy photos always make me want a camera like yours.

  6. I want a spy camera too! So call me the Pink Panther if you will... LOL I think foxes are such gorgeous creatures. We hear them in our area from time to time but have yet to see one. Maybe once I get my Pink Panther spy camera I can catch a quick snapshot of one.

  7. How exciting. I do hope you can get some daytime shots of the foxes too.

  8. I'd like to know what would leave deer legs behind. A coyote?


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