Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Final Preparations for Lucketts

We are halfway through May, and I am still hanging in there.  Preparations for the Lucketts Spring Market this weekend have taken over my life.

French Provincial nightstand and a cottage-style upholstered ottoman made from part of an end table.

If I were a good blogger who uses this space wisely, I would have planned to do full posts to feature the items that I have renovated to take to the market.  Honestly, I count myself as fortunate that I'm not going absolutely insane preparing to load up, set up, and work the booth almost completely by myself.  

Chalk-paint dyed pillows, rustic Italian-style side table, Grey and white hutch, and Ruby.

The best I can do is offer a preview of some of my things, as shown in these photos of the current state of my living room.  No staging or supplemental lighting for these photos ... I don't have time for any of that.  Just a quick point-and-shoot with my iPad, and off I go to the next thing on my list.

Two Compass-Rose round tables, slipcovered Queen Anne ottoman, aluminum bread basket, chicken painting (by my dear husband), and Dorothy.

I am glad to be sharing booth space with someone I know, who is also working alone, so we will help each other and everything should work out fine.  I'm doing this thing alone because  (a) my husband is on a business trip this week, and  (b) my original help for the weekend is now nursing a broken foot ... stay off your feet and do whatever you can to heal, Deborah.

Slipcovered Rattan sofa/daybed (on its side and barricaded to keep the cats off of it), black drop-leaf coffee table, another view of the two round tables.  I may decide to take that slipcovered skirted ottoman with me ... we'll see.

I am honestly feeling pretty good about the status of everything right now.  I have a very comprehensive list of stuff to pack and things to do, to help avoid last-minute panic and to keep me on track.  The only variable left to confront is the weather.  We've been having storms for the past two days, with more predicted each day for the rest of the week ... culminating with a 100% probability of storms some time during Friday set up day.  

Two ornate side tables (gotta remember to get their drawers out of the workshop in the basement) 
and two framed pieces of Art Deco era stained glass.

The major variable will be the state of the ground on the field at the Market.  If the ground is too wet, no one will be allowed to drive on it to get close to our booths to unload ... I'm trying to think positive thoughts for solid ground and an uneventful set up.  The weather for the Market itself on Saturday and Sunday is supposed to be spectacular.  Sunny with temps in the 70s will be wonderful.  Liberal application of sunblock will be necessary ... I have already dropped a bottle of it into my tote bag, to have on hand for myself and for anyone else who needs it.

Finishing up with a gratuitous Winnie photo ... because this little dog makes me SO happy.

That's all for now.  My goal for today is to finish gathering all of my stuff into one place, and to pack as many of the smaller items as I can.  Tomorrow afternoon, I pick up a UHaul truck and I hope to get everything loaded to be ready to head to Lucketts early on Friday morning.

Scary to think that I probably have this under control ... think good thoughts for me.  If any of you come to the show, please stop in and say "Hi".


  1. Oh yes! Thinking good thoughts for you! Rain , rain stay away!!! I hope you have a wonderful time. Look at that adorable Winnie!! Hugs! deb

  2. Hello Neighbor! Well kinda. I live in SW Virginia on Smith Mountain Lake, so not to terribly far away! Just found your blog and I am smitten!



  3. Hoping you don't have rain. What wonderful treasures you have there! I am sure it will go well for you. xo Diana

  4. Good luck at the market! I adore the ottoman and matching piece.. LOVE!!!!....

  5. Good luck this weekend. I adore everything that you showed us as you were making them. I have even spotted a few things from these photos that I would like to buy. If they happen to come back home with you, when I see you this summer, I will buy them from you. Have fun at the market and good luck.

  6. I just know that you'll have a very successful day, Connie! You've got some fabulous treasures there! I will be praying that the rain will be held at bay for you. Have fun, sweetie! If we lived closer, I'd be there to help and/or visit! :)

    xoxo laurie

  7. So sorry I won't be there to help! But your stuff looks great so I'm sure you're going to have a successful weekend. I'm thinking positive thoughts about the weather Friday!

  8. I will be sending positive vibes. You have great pieces!

  9. Good luck Connie! Hope the weather stays dry. Winnie is adorable.

  10. I am hoping to see you at Lucketts...your stuff looks great!!!

  11. You're bringing some creatively wonderful treasures. Crossing fingers for "good driving on the grounds" weather. How in the heck could you get that hutch there otherwise?

    Sell, sell, sell! Wish I was going.

  12. You go Girl!
    Hope you have an incredibly successful weekend---and rain-free too!

  13. I hope you sold out, and the mud wasn't too bad. If the weather in Leesburg was anything like we had this weekend, I am sure it was crowded.

  14. Hope set up will be a breeze with no rain or mud to deal with and that you will 'sell out'.


  15. That chicken painting is ... well, it IS. I love, love, love it. Your hubby is GOOD!
    You do really lovely paint work on your pieces - and I admit to laughing out loud when I saw the pic of your living room. Been there.

    As always, adore seeing the dogs. Winnie is so cute -- and Ruby? She is just beautiful.

    Antiques and vintage things are such a crap shoot to sell ... you never know what's going to fly!


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