Sunday, May 25, 2014

Sunday Snapshot ... Sunshine

At the start of the day, my favorite place to sit is at the end of the bar counter between our kitchen and dining room.  It gives me a wonderful view of the rear of our property as the sun rises on the other side of the house, and the yard fills with morning light and long, dark shadows.

We are enjoying a wonderful spell of warm-but-not-too-hot weather, with bright sunshine, blue sky, and low humidity.  This is exactly what summertime in Virginia is NOT, for the most part.

Winnie enjoys the weather as much as I do.

In the spirit of honesty and full disclosure, I admit that Winnie wasn't doing a happy-in-the-sunshine roll on her back.  She had sniffed out and was rolling on a dead worm.  (what a weird dog)

Happy Sunday, Everyone!


  1. HA.... silly Winnie. Yesterday Izzy was playing with a grub worm in the yard.

    PERFECT weather this week-end... PERFECT!

  2. Love seeing Winnie enjoying being a dog on this beautiful day!

  3. Winnie has the right spirit. Not the rolling on the worm part, but the joy of rolling around on her back in the grass on a glorious day.

    May your week be equally as lovely as yesterday ~ FlowerLady

  4. Haha, silly dog! Hasn't the weather been so perfect? It's rare for us in Virginia, isn't it? I love the view of your backyard. It looks like a great place to chill.

  5. Winnie has her priorities right ........ doing what makes her happy.

  6. by far, a dead worm beats what my dogs roll in...and then we all sleep together.

  7. Wow you have a gorgeous place to kick back and relax. Winnie is so funny. What is it with dogs and stinky smells. Good thing it was only a worm.

  8. Connie, you had me closing my eyes and enjoying the beauty and peace with you.

    Next thing I know you have me laughing at the prospect of finding joy at rolling on a dead worm.

    Thanks for sharing. Life is good.

  9. What a great place to sit in the morning! That's funny about Winnie- I had a cocker spaniel that thought it was great to do that after the turkey's visited….yeah…messy and stinky!!

  10. Connie, What a beautiful view! Thanks for your advise on GFC...problem solved.

  11. lol....silly Winnie! Was an absolutely gorgeous weekend, going to have another one coming up. Have a great week!


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