Thursday, May 29, 2014

Presenting at Monticello

Last year, I received a request from the management at the Thomas Jefferson Center for Historic Plants, at Monticello's Tufton Farm in Charlottesville, Virginia, to be a speaker at their 2014 Wine and Roses open house, which is this Saturday, May 31.  It's a popular annual event ... one of the few times when the wonderful gardens at Tufton are open to the public.  

My presentation is about heirloom roses that are well-suited for Virginia gardens.  It is a program that I usually do with a Powerpoint full of photos ... this time, I will be using live material and plants from Monticello's nursery.

I am very excited and honored to be doing this.  The weather this weekend is predicted to be warm and wonderful, perfect for spending a day in the garden, teaching about roses.  

Won't you join us?


  1. Blogger just ate the wonderful comment i left for you....!!!!! Have a great time! I'm sure your presentation will be fantastico!!! Hugs! deb

  2. Well i'am enjoying a three day extravaganza traveling with the hubby in CA so i won't be coming to your event. But you must be soooo excited!! I would LOVE to see the gardens at Monticello. I'm sure your presentation will be fantastico!!

  3. Darn it, I would have loved to have heard you speak at Monticello, but it's my better half's bday this weekend! I know you will have a great time and will share your knowledge with those who are lucky enough to come!

    xo Kat

  4. Ah, and of course I'm working....dammit.

    Knock em dear and enjoy yourself.

    You will be fabulous.

    xo j

  5. What an honor for sure, and just from knowing you here on your blog, I know you'll do a fantastic job.

    Have a wonderful time ~ FlowerLady

  6. So exciting! Congratulations :)

  7. I wish I could be there! Have fun with your presentation. I know you will be great at it.

  8. Oh, I'd love to be there! Besides the fact that I've never been to Monticello and always wanted to hear that talk about be excellent!

  9. Way to go. Have a wonderful time.

  10. I would love to make a trip to Monticello some day. I am sure your presentation will be informative and well done.
    Have fun, Connie.

  11. This is indeed an honor, wish I could be there! :)


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