Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Playing Outside

Yesterday was a beautiful spring day, and today is promised to be more of the same.  I got an early start this morning, dressed for work with tools in hand.  The object of my efforts were the climbing roses on our Arcade.

Wearing my favorite Timberland work shoes and the latest new-to-me addition to my collection of military  camo BDUs.

The clouds in the early morning sky were fascinating.  It's bright and sunny outside now.

It's only 10am, and it has already been a very fruitful day.  The Arcade roses are all pruned and ready to be retied to their posts.



With the roses cut back so severely, it will be easy to get up those pesky winter weeds in the bed, lay down landscape fabric, and finish the bed off with a fresh coat of mulch.  I don't usually cut them back this much, but winter damage and two years of neglect made it necessary to be more ruthless than I usually am to whip them into shape.

Okay, break time is over.  I'm off to see what else I can tidy up outside.  If you are looking for me, you will find me out in the garden!


  1. I love a good pair of work boots! I'm sure your roses will thank you with a new season of loveliness.

  2. you look so......"Duck Dynasty"

  3. Duck Dynasty?? Say it ain't so!!

  4. How ambitious you are... and so early in the morning, too. Those roses are going to be so pretty a little later on.

  5. Gosh isn't it so satisfying to get in there and make things ready for Spring!? Hugs! deb

  6. Hmm.. I'm wondering if I should do the same type of drastic pruning with mine.......

  7. Well, aren't you just a busy girl this morning? Good for you- it is so cold here we can't be outside yet. ugh- xo Diana

  8. Sometimes roses need a hard prune.
    I started about a month ago with the climbing roses on the fence. For the first time I did not prune my other roses hard this year or even not at all because due to the mild winter and extra-ordinary high spring temperatures they started to grow very early. I am looking forward to see them in bloom again.

  9. Connie,
    I'm so happy to have found your site. I will be perusing your archives for additional information on roses.
    I've subscribed as well.

  10. Ahhhhh. Isn't it wonderful? I was working on seeds all day. It was so fun, I started about 10 flats with a friend. The past few years I've done more with veggies, but this year is all flowers. Delphinium, Bells of Ireland, Bachelor's Button, Cosmos, Asters, Chinese Lanterns, Hollyhocks, zinnia...and basil and sage. I'm really hoping the delphinium and bells will germinate. I'm chilling them for a few weeks.
    Glad you had such a productive day!

  11. Beyond fabulous korbels.

    Do this again late summer, adding the last of season flush of blooms !!

    Just for me !!

    Garden & Be Well, XO Tara

  12. I almost bought a pair of Timberland shoes today! I'm kicking my now, that I didn't.

  13. I love your gardening attire, and look forward to seeing your roses grown and in bloom.

    Happy Spring gardening ~ FlowerLady

  14. Wow it looks so good! I'm such a novice that it's great to see what 'severe pruning' looks like. My roses look to be in great shape this year, but it's good to know how they can be treated down the road!

  15. Lucky you! I will be outside this weekend for sure! Weeds be gone!!! Wishful thinking! ;)

  16. I'd love a little tutorial in pruning.


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