Sunday, April 13, 2014

Making Progress

Yesterday was Day #3 of working to reclaim my English Garden by the barn.  Great progress was made!

During Day #1 and #2, I was working by myself.  Day #3 was special because I had some help ... my sweet husband.  He pulled weeds and spread mulch, while I pulled weeds and laid landscape fabric.  We make a great team.

This shows our progress as we quit work for the day.  The center bed was completed on Day #1, and the outer left-hand bed on Days #2 and #3.

I will start working on the outer right-hand bed later this morning.

This photo is a pretty good example of the Before and the After.

For now, I prefer to focus on the lovely After.

The roses are so small because this is all the live wood that was left after I pruned off the parts that were killed by our unusually cold winter.  

Have I showed you my bottle trees before?  (there are two of them, though I only photographed one.)  I bought the metal tree part at a garden show years ago.  I originally had them full of blue wine bottles, but that was too heavy for the frame.  To reduce the weight, I changed them to 'flowers' with blue wine bottles surrounded by green beer bottles.

If the remaining bed in this garden progresses like the others, I have two more days of work ahead of me.  It is so rewarding to see what the garden looks like now, and to realize that it represents the first time that this three-year-old garden has ever been truly clear of weeds and prepped for the coming season.  I know that some weeds will certainly reemerge, and I am going to try to get on a routine of dealing with them on a regular basis while they are small.

Happy Sunday, Everyone.  I plan to spend mine enjoying the sunshine, working in the garden.  


  1. I've been lusting for a bottle tree for ages...have been stashing the bottles, but haven't found a tree of the scale I'd like yet....I want a big one!

  2. Hello there! I found your blog via Nana Diana :) The name of your blog is what caught my attention since I have a weakness for roses.

    Your site is simply lovely and I look forward to visiting often. Have a beautiful week! Hugs

  3. Your hard work is paying off! It's looking great and I can't wait to see the completed project, as well as some blooming.

  4. It really is a gorgeous day to grab a bit of sunshine.

  5. That really is hard work, but the weather has been perfect for it! I'll look forward to watching it come to life through your eyes!

    Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!

  6. Oh I can't wait to see this garden in bloom. Are all the roses a similar color? Actually your post inspired me to order a few rolls of landscape fabric. Some years I use newspaper, but I sort of need a reboot this year.

  7. What a wonderful job and difference! Hard work, but well worth it. I look forward to seeing the garden in full bloom.


  8. It looks great Connie, you are really on a roll! We had great 'work weather' this weekend. Not too warm, and enough clouds to keep from getting too sunburned :)

  9. Wow you got a lot accomplished. Can't wait to see it when it's all in bloom. So nice that hubby joined you in your task.
    Neat bottle trees.


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