Sunday, October 20, 2013

Sunday Snapshot: Flowers in the House and at the Party

After I accomplished a few things around here on Friday morning, I skipped out for the afternoon to go to Hollywood Cemetery.  I need to have some additional photos for the program I am presenting at the Heritage Rose Foundation Conference in Florida in November ... some photos of the cemetery itself, not just my usual close-ups of flowers and monuments. 

I had my pruners with me, as I always do, and I snipped some cuttings of a few roses that I really want to propagate.  Two of the cuttings had lovely flowers on them, which I put into a bud vase to enjoy in the house and to use on the table at yesterday's Pot Luck Garden Social.

The Garden Social was small and very, very enjoyable.  The rain that was predicted for the afternoon stayed south of us, though the temperature was a bit on the cool side for a garden party.  We had a delightful afternoon, meeting new friends, reconnecting with old friends, walking through the roses, eating good food, and enjoying each other's company.

Later this morning, I'm heading north to DC to speak to the Potomac Rose Society about Rose Rosette Disease.  This means that I have to dress nicely and behave myself ... which can sometimes be a challenge for me.  Wish me luck.

I hope your Sunday is a good one.

Happy Sunday, Everyone!!

(sharing this with all the folks at Jane's for Flowers in the House)


  1. Have fun at your talk Connie. We all know you'll do great!

  2. Busy busy! Knock 'em dead Connie. :)

  3. Glad the Garden Social went well, now go knock 'em dead!

  4. come on....that's no fun♥

  5. Hi Connie, The pictures I've seen of you, you look like you clean up nicely! Wish I could be there at your talk. I'm sure you'll be fabulous.

  6. Sweetest of roses. Thanks for sharing these.

    Knock em dead in Potomac. They'll have a lot of questions I'm sure.

    Beautiful day for travel.

    xo Jane

  7. Hi Connie,
    Thank you for hosting this blog. I read a few of your old posts and wished I had come across you sooner. I love roses and I consider myself pretty good at growing flowers, but I just couldn't grow roses well. I gave up trying this year. But with your blog, I will try again next spring. I will report back to you to let you know my progress.

  8. You are one busy lady. Would love to hear you speak on roses sometime.

  9. I'm always envious of your roses~so beautiful.
    We put the green house up for the season, so now we have lots of flowers in the house too! ; D

  10. Such beautiful roses and I must say that I am in awe when I read that you clipped them in hopes of propagating them. I'm doing good to keep my little Arizona rose bush alive. Haha! Anyway, it was a lovely visit to your blog, and good luck with your rose show in November!

  11. I'll bet that you just pack'em in at the Society, don't you, Connie? I know I'd want to be there to soak up all those rose smarts you have, girl. lol

    xoxo laurie

  12. Ooh, the dreaded rosette disease. I am, unfortunately, familiar with it.

    You must have behaved yourself. I didn't read about you in the news. ;-)

  13. perfect ones! And your blog is a nice trouvaille :)

  14. What gorgeous roses. We have a couple of bushes in our flower bed here in Florida and they bloom just about all year long. I love having a few in a bud vase. Hugs!


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