Sunday, December 2, 2012

Sunday Snapshot ... Kitchen Windows

I posted the view from my kitchen window a couple of weeks ago (in THIS post).  Also in that post, I asked anyone that was interested to send photos of THEIR kitchen windows to share the view with everyone.  Today is the day we all get to look through their windows and see what they see!
I will start with my window again ... this time it's a photo that I took two days ago.  My kitchen window faces west, and I stand there many evenings and watch the most beautiful sunsets.  (Last night's sunset was also lovely, more pink than orange, but there weren't enough clouds to reflect the colors into the sky like this.)

Linda (A La Carte) is in Georgia.
"My messy deck that needs cleaning!  Still I enjoy my view!"
This is the view from Kate's (Chronicles of a Country Girl) kitchen window in northern Maryland on a recent rainy day.  Her window faces West, like mine, but her house is MUCH older than mine ... 1769, compared to my 1848.  Imagine how many people have gazed through her windows in the past 240+ years!

Teresa (The Garden Diary) invites us to share her view toward her potting shed and garden.
"Just outside the window is my sun porch.  The plant in the middle of the picture is a bay tree sitting on our cafe table. 
On the left of the window frame you see a thermometer. I always want to know how cold it is or isn't! 
The swing on the porch is a wonderful place for morning and evening coffee as the porch windows open to my gardening world that is alive with roses and their companions in the spring and summer and alive with birds and the occasional squirrel and raccoon in the winter. 
On the bench you see a chart that contains pictures and description of birds. We love to know who and what is dining at our feeders.
The plank of wood you see on the window ledge is a sign my husband made that says ... THYME OUT. A good reminder to "chill". 
The cast iron lamp holds special memories as it was passed to us from my husband's mom. 
To the right you see a gray building, this is "my happy place"--The Potting Shed." 
Another Teresa, this time in Santa Cruz, California, shares her winter roses from last January.
"This was the last of my roses in January before I pruned my garden.  The pot was a gift from Italy from my mother; I just love it.  My tired rose garden (ready for pruning) is in the background past the deck.  I have a deer fence that surrounds my 1/3 acre to keep the deer out of my rose garden.  I live in the Santa Cruz mountains, near Santa Cruz, California."

Adrienne (My Memory Art) is in Boston.
"I look out onto a hill beyond our little back yard. Birds, chipmunks, squirrels...the usual. I've seen deer. Love the changing seasons.  Around my window are treasured gifts from good friends...always lots of fresh fruit...and one little pic of my kids when they were littler!"
This is the view from Lynn's kitchen window.  (Lower Alabama Lynn)  She didn't send a description with her photo, and I am totally fascinated by the glimpse of what looks like a wonderful shed or cabin in her yard.

Janet (The Empty Nest) has a beautiful place in Warrenton, Virginia.
"Had to take the screens out of the window to get a clear shot. Just my luck as I was taking the photo an Eastern Bluebird landed to get a drink of water!!!  That is a Rosé of Sharon on the left and a lilac bush on the right...freshly trimmed for the winter although I am sure we should have trimmed the lilac right after blooming...oh well!
You can see an overgrown patch of yard that was once a tall bearded iris bed...borers got the better of it and now we leave it for the deer to hide their babies in during the day.
To the far left you see chairs and a black tarp which covers our chiminea where we grill hot dogs and drink wine in the Fall. Why does food taste so much better on the end of a long stick???
Behind that is the 35 acres that belong to our lovely neighbors who live in a great old estate pre-Civil War era. It has a tiny graveyard with a couple of family members and a little baby...always makes me sad to see that.
Just this morning 5 deer strolled across the back yard (3acres) headed for the private lands just across the street from me.
This is what I see every morning while making my house great views all around."
Søren (Flaneur Gardening) has a wonderful garden in Copenhagen, Denmark

"Here's my kitchen window view from our city apartment. Our kitchen is definitely utilitarian at the moment, pending an overhaul once we've knocked down a wall, re-done the bathroom and added a balcony with access from the kitchen... (Please note the fake marble plastic a previous owner used to hide some perfectly nice white tiles!)"

 Deborah (Confessions of a Craigslist Junkie) keeps favorite and useful things at hand in her kitchen window.  (I see that she and I both have a thing for aqua glass insulators.)

Donna (Lady Courtney) lives about 40 minutes north of me on a wonderful historic country property.
"From here you can see the log kitchen to the left, the tractor shed on the side of Bob's machine shop with wood shop in the barn behind.  And tractors are ready for, Bob has put the snow blower on my JD and Big John has the blade ready (he thinks it will keep the snow away)"
I hope you enjoy these views as much as I have!
Happy Sunday, Everyone!!


  1. this is wonderful! isn't it amazing how this view from our kitchen is something that strikes a chord with all of us! I'm going to decorate mine today for the holidays - hope you're enjoying your sunday!

  2. Those views are all just wonderful...but that Lynn chickie needs to give us more, more, more on that cabin/shed! xo Diana

  3. This was such fun!! Thanks for sharing my view! I really enjoyed seeing what others get to look at out their kitchen windows! Hugs, Linda

  4. I’m blown away by how much we all enjoy the same sense of peace out our kitchen windows. Lynn chickie didn’t clean her windows and if you look real hard that open shed made out of abandoned boat docks has a sign that says laundry. The lines are to the left and my potting bench is to the right. Today I replaced the autumn stuff with an amaryllis bulb in a pitcher. I still didn’t clean the window. Connie this post was truly inspired. Love how much care you took to label each photo. They are gorgeous!!

  5. I am here for the first time, found your blog because I also love old fashioned roses. What a beautiful historic house! The kitchen Windows views is a marvelous idea, Interesting and nice to see all the different photos.

  6. Wow, Connie. I love this post! Thanks for including my view. Wish I had said more about it. It faces west, like yours. And the house has been here since 1769.

  7. Darn it! I didn't get a photo in on time, I'm sorry.

    I Love Lady Courtney's view, so much said in one photo!

  8. How fun! I enjoyed seeing every view. I took a picture of mine, but didn't get it sent in.

    Maybe next time. :)

  9. There’s something in common with all these windows. The view from each is truly refreshing. :) I think it’s a nice counter to dilute the tension in the busiest part of the house. This should be a requirement, actually. It must connect you to the outdoors. Along with that, it can control the temperature inside.

    -->Norbert Floth

  10. I like yours the best. There is nothing quite like the silhouette of a bare tree against a winter sky.

  11. How fun, Connie! I loved seeing the world through those windows!!! :)

    xoxo laurie

  12. I love the photos and the idea behind them. Makes me wish I had a kitchen window to look through like that :/


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