Thursday, December 20, 2012

Back Among the Living

It sucks to be sick.  Late on Saturday night, the stinky, nasty cold took over.  All I could seem to do was sit on the couch, sneeze, blow my nose, cough, and try not to whine all the time.  I don't watch TV during the day (unless it's football on Sunday) so I spent a lot of time reading stuff online ... lots and LOTS of Pinterest and online garden and old house forums. 

This is a photo of all of my stuff on our family room ottoman ... aka, Command Central ... an unstaged peek into my life on the couch.

The 'fog' finally lifted on Wednesday morning, and I quickly realized that I had lost a full three days of Christmas preparations.  Fortunately, there's not too much left to do, and no small children at home expecting a full Santa production.  I should easily accomplish the few things that I have left on my To Do List.

Our Christmas tree is finished.

I will not finish the remaining decorations I planned for our front porch ... I probably could, but it would take time away from other things that I should be doing instead.  The box of half-finished ornaments will now have to wait until next Christmas to be used.  (I showed you how I was making glitter stars in THIS post.)   I'm a bit disappointed that I won't finish, because I was really excited to see how everything would turn out.  Perhaps next year I may have our new porch railing and gingerbread made and installed ... wouldn't that be a great accomplishment. 

This railing in downtown Warrenton is similar to what we have planned for our porch.

Christmas cards were signed and addressed on Monday, and mailed on Tuesday.  In this modern email/social media/instant gratification world we live in, I still love the old-school feelings of a hand-written Christmas card.  We include a letter in our cards, to bring everyone up to date on whatever happened with us during the year ... not one of those boastful letters that we all dread receiving ... in fact, the one year we didn't do a letter, we received complaints from friends and family, each one thinking that we had forgotten to put a letter into their card.

In our letter, I included this photo of us on our anniversary in the Arctic Ocean in Barrow, Alaska.

Anyway, even though I am forced to do less this year, Christmas here will be as good as it always is ... I love Christmas!  It reminds me of my favorite quote from "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" (my all-time favorite TV Christmas special ... our Siamese cat was named after Cindy Lou Who.)

Five days to go ... I can't wait!


  1. Glad you are feeling better!!! Merry Christmas Connie, it will be great, always is, with what got done and what didn't get done! Have a super day! donna :)

  2. Went down with stomach virus last Sat.


    Didn't want food, but craved champagne! Wanted the fizzy.

    Alone, so never got any.

    Glad you're better too.

    Merry Christmas. xo t

  3. Crazy year for me! No cards, a few simple decorations, no baking *yet*, but lots of time with my kids and that sweet Tiger. So it's a good year just different! Glad you are feeling better.

    PS LOVE that photo of you and the hubs

  4. Glad you are feeling better. I got hit with some kind of "cold-like" thing that has lasted two full weeks- NOT GOOD! I am almost ready for Christmas, too. I have one more gift to make and then I AM done! xo Diana

  5. Glad to hear you are feeling better!

    I can relate to the Grinch quote. If expectations of Christmas NOT coming from a store, was the actual reality of those around me, I might even learn to like it!

  6. Ohhh rotten luck to be sick so close to Christmas. I'm glad you are better--- who cares if the decorations are finished!! The photo of you and hubby in Alaska is just fabulous!!

  7. Merry Christmas blessings to you and your family, Connie! I'm so glad I met you here in blogland! ♥

    xoxo laurie

  8. Glad you are feeling better. Have a wonderful holiday!

  9. Connie, your command central on a tray is brilliant. Unexpected guests ~ just stash it! So love the picture of you and your husband. May you catch up over this long weekend. Enjoy!

  10. Glad you are better and enjoy your holiday bliss!

  11. I am glad you are feeling better (I am in the middle of a cold and really wish the coughing would stop soon...). I hope you have a wonderful time and a great new year. Merry Christmas!


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