Friday, December 14, 2012

Christmas Mantel

True to my word, as Ruby was napping in the sunshine yesterday, I WAS sorting through boxes of Christmas decorations and ornaments ... getting a good start on the holiday decorating.  I try to do at least one thing a little differently each year.  This year, that different thing is the family room mantel.

Usually I decorate with a combination of fresh and artificial greens, and bows and garland, etc.  This year, I liked how it was looking after I added the artificial greens, and this is where I stopped.  The poinsettia clip-ons may stay, or not, depending on my mood in the next couple of days.  I'm liking things a bit simpler around here, and this falls right in line with what I want to work toward with my non-seasonal decorating in the whole the house.
See that box of lights in the fireplace?  I saw the idea on Pinterest.  Since I have a large collection of boxes and trunks and crates, it was a simple matter to put some artificial greens, a string of lights, and a log into a Farmers Creamery crate.  (Farmers Creamery was a dairy that operated in downtown Fredericksburg until the late 1970s.)
We can't use this fireplace for a real fire because the brickwork is original the 1848 date of our house and is in really bad condition.  (One day, it will rise to the top of our restoration list and we will spend the $$$ it takes to have a fireplace repaired and the chimney lined.)  In previous years, I have put candles or an arrangement of greens in there.  I think I like what I did this time the best!
I will share more Christmas decorations as I finish them.
(If you have not seen the rest of our family room, click HERE for an old post with a full tour ... which includes before and after photos of the renovation.)


  1. Very pretty! I like that idea with the box of lights and greenery, so creative and pretty too!

  2. Your fireplace is so beautiful! And love that idea for a box of lights!

  3. Very nice, but your house always looks nice.

  4. Oh- It looks lovely. Sometimes those simple things are all we need to dress things up a bit. Love it, Connie- xo Diana

  5. I love that idea for the fireplace! We have a fireplace we don't use because we don't have any wood, which would make this perfect! THANKS for sharing the idea!

    I hope you're doing well, and I hope you enjoy your weekend!

  6. Very nice, Connie. An eye-catching unexpected solution to the candle setting I’m used to and totally pet safe. Good job!

  7. Beautiful! The crate is the perfect touch in the hearth. I'm finding that my tastes are running toward simpler this year as well. So are several of my friends. I wonder why.

  8. Connie, your mantel is so simple and very pretty. I always combine real and artificial like you often do. I use the faux garland and wire in the fresh boughs. I just replace those that brown through the holiday. Keeping it simple allows this. I like your lighted box too.

  9. Hey Connie, I love this idea of the lights in the box and may copy cat it. We have a wood stove in our fireplace and when we use it the door stays closed so you don't get the ambiance of a pretty fire. Sure hope you are feeling better and that your cold turns out to be just a mild one. I have had a stuffy head too the last couple of days....hoping it's just allergies. xo


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