Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Trying This With My iPad

I have spent three days researching various options for posting to my blog with my new iPad. Most of what I have read suggests that I will need a text editor and an external keyboard to type and format text and an app to make it all work.. I don't WANT an external keyboard, and I imagine that I can format text just fine without a separate editor, and I definitely DO need an app for importing photos. I downloaded Blogsy, the app that has the best reviews online, and that is what I am using to produce this post.

The most difficult part of this learning curve has been figuring out how best to add images to a post. The above photo of Ruby was first uploaded to Flickr via the mobile FlickrStackr app. Doing that allowed me to drag and drop the photo into this post. It may not be perfect yet ... But it's a start.

Stay tuned to see if I can refine this process. I'm going to publish this now ... wish me luck.

(edited to add) Now I'm going to try to edit this post after publishing it. I cannot figure out how, or if, I can do this in Blogsy ... So I am using the regular Blogger editing window without the app. In the edit window like this, the photo above is showing up as a long, long link URL (which makes sense, since Blogsy has to use images that reside on the web). For the first time this week, I feel confident that I can take this iPad with me to Alaska and blog and share at least a portion of what we see and do there. I'm not quite jumping up and down and clapping yet, but I'm close.

*** edited again***. YAY IT WORKED!!!!! Now I'm clapping!!


  1. I just got an iPad and was wondering about the ease of blogging with it. I'll keep an eye out and see if you!re liking it or not before I make an attempt!

  2. Yay, at least you've made some good progress!


  3. It published!! Good luck with all of this tecky stuff!! hugs, Linda

  4. Ha! Well... Ruby is quite the colorful character!

  5. I love, love my iPad, but you know what? I got a external keypad from Brookstone, and it is really slick--it holds the iPad up vertical or horizontal and when you are typing more than a little bit, it really speeds things up. Plus the iPad fits right in it like a book so not really any extra baggage. Thanks for all the legwork on this--we will benefit from your work. : )

  6. I'm beginning week 2 of the iPad . . . and so far I'm not so impressed, which kills me, because I'm a computer teacher! I can tell you that I love my MacBook Pro! Anyway, another convenience is the size, fits in my purse, and it is a powerful toy!

    I am thinking of getting the bluetooth keyboard, just to make commenting easier. My sister-in-law has one and she likes the convenience of the keyboard on the flap.

    The one thing I have learned is that "it's all about the apps" that you download, with or without fees.

  7. I'm clapping too. Wow what a lot of work!

  8. I'm impressed.. you did it! I have not tried yet, it's so much easier to use
    my little LapTop but if I go far from home I will indeed use the iPad. Will give it a try and THANK YOU for the info... have a great time in Alaska. I'll be there sometime this summer to visit my Son and his family in Juneau. We finally have a new flight that leaves Orlando on Alaska Air.. all the way to Juneau and it will be so much easier...funny thing, the flight to Juneau is further than the flight to my sisters in Saudi.. go figure?
    Have Fun!


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