Thursday, March 22, 2012

Ruby's Most Recent Accomplishment

Please tell me that you're not tired of Ruby stories yet.  Since she's new here, and we are still very much in the getting-to-know-her stage, things happen and I really want to share.

Yesterday afternoon, I left Ruby in the care of The Husband while I headed to the grocery store.  I put Ruby in her crate, because The Husband was on a long conference call and had to concentrate on the call, not the dog.  After his call, Ruby was set free and she proceeded to nap on the couch ... or so he thought.

Who would have thought that half a dozen pieces of kibble on the kitchen counter (that I took out of my pants pocket before I left for the store) would be within Ruby's reach.  She jumped onto the counter, ate the kibble, and jumped off.  The Husband heard her, but was wasn't fast enough to catch her in the act.  As the photo above shows, she left behind conclusive evidence of her crime.

Note to self ... never leave any amount of kibble on the counter again.


  1. Well you didn't want a dumb dog did you?! ;)

    Kat :)

  2. NOT tired of hearing Ruby stories! Although, she seems like the kind of dog that just might need a job or something fun to do daily, to keep her out of mischief....maybe some sort of fun work for her? I'm doing Nose Fun class and my dog loves it (and I do it with the dog that gets left behind too and she loves it). I am going to start tracking class soon too (this is a Papillon I'm talking about too - not some hunting dog!). I'm also doing Therapy Dog International with him so we visit the hospital a couple of times a month. And we also go to the dog trainers and he gets to run a few times a week, off leash (fenced area). It's SO good for their mental health. Ruby seems like a really smart dog and so in tune to you....
    She's a doll too!

  3. Hee hee.. she's a tricky girl that Ruby of yours. LOL

  4. Never enough dog stories.

    Especially circus dog tales:-)

    xo jane

  5. I really think she thinks she's a cat, and look at that face, what are you going to say? Clean counters from now!

  6. LOVE the Ruby posts, please keep them coming!

  7. Uh-oh!!!! Ruby needs a time-out! lol!

    xoxo laurie

  8. Love hearing about Ruby! Love your blog!!

  9. Ha! Love ruby's stories and have you asked her for an explanation yet? Don't jump to conclusions...Just kidding ;->

    We once found a full size collie and kept her overnight while we tried to locate the owner. In the morning I was cooking breakfast..took a pound of bacon out and placed it on the counter. As I turned to get the milk out of the fridge, the collie snatched the bacon and ate the whole pound...RAW!!!!

    Yup...they can be very quick!

    janet xox
    The Empty Nest

  10. That's funny! Love the paw print left from the crime scene. I have a chocolate lab he just turned 4 this month. I could write a book about what he has gotten into while he's home alone. For example I had a large bowl of eggs on the counter full of eggs from my chickens. Came home from church Wednesday the door and there he is an egg still in his mouth. Go over to the bowl and ALL but one left in the bowl! We look around and see little bits of egg shell here and there around the house and the shine from egg whites all over the hard wood floors! Ugh that's just one little example of hundreds in the 4 years we've had him . But we love him!! :) I try to always be sure to secure anything he may get into but with him ya never can tell what it will be next!

  11. I enjoy the Ruby stories. I enjoy hearing about all your pets. :)


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