Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Road Trip with Ruby

Sunday afternoon, Ruby and I hopped into the Jeep to run to Lowes for supplies to fix our backyard fence.  A few of the panels are a little iffy, and we don't want them to actually come loose ... thus allowing Ruby and Daniel the opportunity for an impromptu, unchaperoned tour of the neighborhood. 

It was a pretty afternoon, and the actual fixing of the fence could wait for another day, so Ruby and I headed south to visit my favorite junk store, Class and Trash.  (Daniel was happier left at home ... he isn't a very good car rider ... he stands and pants and drools almost the whole time.)

Ken and Lisa always have the most wonderful assortment of stuff for sale!  It's a delight to walk the store and marvel at all of the things they have.

Even if I don't need something, it's still great to get ideas for future projects.  This corbel, for example, is huge and beautiful, and would be pretty simple to replicate.

One of the upstairs vendors made a breakfast table from an old paneled door.  I would have done it a little bit differently, but the idea is a good one.

This bench looks like it is made from leftover scrap wood ... I have scrap wood, and I need a few benches in the garden.  This photo definitely goes into my Projects file to store the idea away for later.

In all the years I have been shopping at Class and Trash, and before when it was The Hanover Thrift Shop, I have never left without buying something.  Even if I go in intending to just browse, there is always something that I have to have ... it's just that kind of store.  On this trip, I am thrilled that I bought two things that I have been searching for ...

... a set of Homer Laughlin restaurant dishes.  We need new everyday dishes, and I figured I could only dream of finding a reasonably-priced set.  I love this pattern, and it has enough pieces to even have a bunch of friends over for dinner.  Eventually I may hunt down a few cereal bowls or salad plates ... but not now.

... and two cast iron porch columns ... with ROSES!!!  I have to do something really special with these ... I'm not sure what yet.  The columns had to stay behind at the store with 'sold' tags on them, because there wasn't enough room in the Jeep for them and Ruby.  I will pick them up the next time I go to Richmond ... which shouldn't be too long.

On our way home up I-95, when we were about 20 miles from home, we hit a solid wall of traffic.  This is not unusual for the weekend around here.  Ruby didn't mind, ... she's a great car rider.  I relaxed and listened to the Nascar race on the radio, and we bided our time till we could get off at the next exit to take an alternate route to get home.

It felt good to take a few hours away from home and garden projects ... especially when I came home with such useful stuff.  Rested and recharged, I arrived home ready to get back to it.  There are weeds to spray and/or pull, roses to trim and train, gardens to prep ... and I'm getting it done a little at a time.


  1. Homer Laughlin dishes are always a great find... and they are so useable as every day dishware too... good find!

    And I heart that turquoise bench! Perfect color for anyone's garden.

    Have a great day!!

  2. Connie you always find some amazing things at that shop! Love the dishes and the columns...gorgeous. I hope you do make some benches...fabulous. Glad Ruby is a ride in the car kind of gal! hugs, Linda

  3. Love Homer Laughlin!!!!! Those dishes are so sweet..great find!

    I canot wait to meet Ruby! I have a high school friend visiting this week and I wanted to show her Fredericksburg...any chance to meet up Thursday or Friday? Let me know..I would love for her to meet you.

    Hugs to the menagerie

    Janet xox
    The Empty Nest

  4. Love the rose Trellis! My grandmother had these on either side of her front door porch many moons ago. Hers were an ivory paint.

  5. Love those dishes - and they'll last forever too. Can't wait to see what you do with the rose columns.

  6. Ok! And you go to Class & Trash too! I was going when it was Hanover Thrift as well... Let me know next time you are coming down.. I'll meet you for some shopping fun!! - Susan


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