Friday, March 2, 2012

A Little of Everything This Morning

There's a lot going on right now.  I have already spent some time this morning gathering my thoughts and trying to put things into their place ... getting a plan in place to deal with what I have to (or want to) do for the next few days.

Later this morning, I have an appointment at the periodontist for a dental implant.  Most folks would run screaming from the idea of this, but I welcome it ... I'm to that point with this loose crown of mine.  It's a front tooth, this is the third crown in this location, and the dentist is pretty certain that it's loose this time because the root is cracked.  I expect to come home later today with my head in a sling.

I know that Ruby will be here to comfort me when my anesthesia wears off.  She is such a love!  I never have to worry about where she is, because she's within a step or two of me at all times.  This makes it been really hard to try to get decent photos of her.  I'm working on it.

Right now, she's snoozing in her crate.  I have never had a dog with a crate before, and it's been a learning experience for me.  It's a great sense of security for me, knowing that she's confined and can't get into things and hurt herself when I'm not around.  Oh the other hand, I now have a new decorative element in my family room bay window.

The cats think that they have a new place to nap.  I have pulled both Alice and Maggie out of Ruby's crate multiple times during the last few days.  Ruby defers to the cats (good dog!) and we don't want the cats establishing territory in Ruby's safe place.

Right now, Maggie is napping in her primary spot ... in the south-facing window behind me, watching the birds outside.

The DC Big Flea is this weekend.  I love this show, but I am not planning to go this time.  There's nothing that I need, it's a bit of a drive, and I'm planning a very low-key weekend ... since I have no doubt that my head will be throbbing. 

I read on a blog yesterday that Eddie Ross is in town this weekend and that he will be leading shopping tours through the show ... at $50 bucks a head.  Am I the only one that thinks it's insane to pay someone to show you what kinds of bargains are available at a flea market?  I don't care who Eddie Ross is or what reputation preceeds him ... I can find my own bargains, thank you very much.  Besides, his first tour starts at 1:00 on Saturday.  The best bargains will be long gone by then.  (Do you think he preshops the place so he can 'find' things when he has his entourage in tow?)

Sorry ... that was catty.  It just bugs me to think that there are folks out there who think they have to follow someone else's lead to do something that they are quite capable of doing themselves.  If you need to shop with someone, grab a friend and make a day of it.  Admission to the show is $8, and you'll have $42 extra dollars to spend on treasures.  (Here's some free shopping advice ... Be sure to visit one of my favorite dealers in Aisle H, Booth #412 under the balloons.  She told me yesterday that everything in her booth is half price.)

A much closer to home place for me to shop for great stuff this weekend is Shumate's Auction in Warrenton (only a half an hour up the road from me.)  If my head will cooperate, I plan to be there on Saturday.  Kathy, the owner and auctioneer, puts together great auctions and there are definitely bargains to be had.  For example, I bought a pair of these beautiful English chairs for a ridiculously low bid at her last auction a few weeks ago.

Our friend Janet scored this dresser.  I wonder what it will look like once she works her Annie Sloan Chalk Paint magic on it?

On Monday, I will be shipping out the first rose orders of the season.  This early spring weather has awakened the nursery roses earlier than I expected, and I quietly put my 2012 rose inventory up on the web site last week.

'Glenn Dale'

Because most of last year's cuttings failed, I have far fewer roses available than I usually do.  This first batch was about 150 plants, and I have about 75 more in the greenhouse that aren't ready for their new homes quite yet.  I usually start the year with about 750 plants, so this year's 225 is pretty disappointing.  The plants I do have are large and healthy ... I'm trying to concentrate on 'glass half full' point of view.

"Caldwell Pink"

I should stop stalling, get up from this couch, and hit the shower to get ready to start my day.  My appointment is at 10:00.  My periodontist is awesome, but I could probably still use whatever good thoughts you can send my way.


Edited at 1:30pm to add:  I've been home from my appointment for a little while now.  This procedure was almost a piece of cake ... didn't feel a thing after the first sting of the needle.  I have most of the feeling back in my face now.  Earlier, it felt like I was numb all the way to my earlobes, which is a good thing for dental work.  The periodontist couldn't place the actual implant today, so I have a bone graft, some stitches, and a tooth on a 'flipper', just like the little pageant girls wear.  This wasn't what we hoped for, but at least I'm not bothered by that awful loose crown anymore. 


  1. Sending good thoughts and wishes for no pain!

  2. lol - cats are such bullies!!! I wish I could hit that market with you, so many beautiful pieces.

    Have a fabulous weekend!!

  3. Best wishes with the dental visit. I really love your blog--it's so inspirational to see what you're always up to with regard to artistic and rose-related endeavors (two big hobbies of mine as well, when time permits). Here's hoping you manage to have a good weekend!

  4. Good luck with your appointment. I am the biggest baby at the dentist.
    Ruby is a love. Those darn cats need to stay outta her room:-)

  5. You have a wonderful attitude about the dental procedure.

    As for crates, our rabbit used one like yours. From time to time, I would find one of the cats in there with him. Rabbits are sort of territorial, and I'm pretty sure that the cat was not a welcome guest.

    Wishing you a quick recovery.


  6. Good luck at the periodontist! Sending positive thoughts your way!

  7. I hope your dental visit goes well.
    Seeing that picture of Glenn Dale, I am now wondering if I need that one!

  8. Oh I hope things went well for you today. I agree your head will probably hurt. I am like you that I don't understand spending $50 to have someone show me bargains? I think some people just like to rub elbows with celebs...not sure what kind of celeb he is? ANYWAY...hope you get to the auction and get some good deals. I love your new doggie...such a sweet heart! Hugs, Linda

  9. Good luck at your periodontist appointment today!!! Your little Ruby is such a cutie pie....I'm sure she will take very good care of you :o)

  10. Sending healing thoughts for your mouth and hopes that your head doesn't make things difficult this weekend.
    Maybe you should think about giving the cats a crate of their own....just a thought...

    So glad she's fitting in so well. :-)

  11. Well.. I'm too late today.. but my mom just had an implant and she said it was a piece of cake, easier than her crowns. I've had crowns, I just don't know about that. Hoping you're comfortable once you read this... she had no discomfort after.

    Love your new dog, sounds perfect :-)

    Oh, and I wouldn't pay that person $50. either, what a ripoff. It's the novelty of getting to follow him around that's appealing, I GUESS.

  12. So glad your surgery went okay. Some healing and they'll place that implant and you'll be good as new. Love your roses and so widths you could ship to Arizona.

  13. Glad the procedure went well, and I'm also glad you now have a buddy dog extraordinaire. As you well know herders love being close to their people in ways that other dogs rarely do!

    Feel better!

    Kat :)

  14. So glad that it was better than you thought...even after all these years, I still cringe when it comes to the dentists. Hoping that you are still pain free. :)

  15. Thanks for stopping by! Boy I could use your expertise. We just bought a place with 4 OLD rose bushes. I trimmed them back and they are leafing up....but they really are OLD! Don't know if I can get them back to beauty!! Never had rose bushes before...this is going to be a challenge!

  16. Connie ~ I'm so glad that you're feeling a little better and have the first part of your procedure out of the way. I'm a total wimp at the dentist, so I'm in awe of you that you took this in stride! :)

    We have always crate trained our dogs. We love it. They love it. It truly becomes a place of quiet and safety for them and they know it. Maizie even loves to take her naps in there during the day. And when she hears me say,"Time for bed, Maizie Grace!" she'll trot right in there with her Loofa, Bear, and Flopsy (rabbit). Yup...gotta have all of her "babies" with her. lol!

    Get well soon, sweetie! :)

    xoxo laurie

  17. I can identify with the crown hatred! I've been battling a crown for 3 years now and wish to goodness I'd never let the dentist put it on.
    I've a feeling that I'm headed for an implant but since we have no dental insurance I shudder to think of the cost.

  18. Connie, dental work makes me a complete nervous wreck. Anyone that says piece of cake... surely has a dentist that doubles as a baker! Since I'm running late, I know you are doing okay, so I'll just hope you keep doing that way.

  19. First and foremost, I love the pics of all the beautiful vintage items. And 50 bucks??? Seriously...I'm with you sister. I don't need to pay someone to tell me what's hot...I buy what I like when I see it ;D
    I'm glad your dental appointment went well the first time around and hope that it continues to be so until it's all said and done. Have a great weekend :)

  20. I certainly wouldn't pay someone to 'show me around' a flea market. Come on. I also don't need to hear what someone else might like, I can make my own mind up, thank you!

    I hope you're doing alright after your implant. Cuddle your babies and take care of yourself.


  21. ohmygosh... Ruby is gorgeous!!! And, there is something about that sweet face that reminds me of Ella too! That is so funny that the cats like her crate. I have crate trained both my dogs and am a huge advocate. Ella told me pretty quickly that she was good to not use it. I listened and she was!
    Puppy hugs and kisses!


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