Tuesday, May 24, 2011

There Are No Words

Yesterday evening, Kat from Low Tide High Style published a blog post about her visit here last Friday.  Kat is a wonderful photographer and a very gifted writer, and I was beset by so many emotions as I saw her images and read her words.  (all of the photos in this post are Kat's.)

I knew from watching Kat on Friday that I would love her images.  I was totally unprepared, however, for the genuine magic that she captured with her camera.

I was also unprepared for the the glowing words she used to praise me personally and to describe the gardens that I have created here.  I am a very humble person, and most of the time I am uncomfortable with compliments and recognition.

I cannot accurately describe the depth of my reaction to what Kat wrote.

I smiled,

I nodded my head,

I laughed,

and I tried not to cry.

I'm still a little bit weepy about it, sitting here playing with her images and trying to put my feelings into writing.  How can I adequately thank her for making me feel so admired and appreciated?

I sent Kat an email after I read her post, thanking her for making me feel so special.  Because of her, I will now look at my gardens ... my creations ... in a very different way.  I design these gardens to please MYSELF and to beautify my environment ... I had no idea that they would have such an emotional effect on others.

or that hearing about these emotions would have such an effect on ME.

I will state this here ... now ... and quite publicly:

Thank you, dear Kat, for your friendship, your support,
and for being who you are.
My life is a better place because I have you in it.

While Kat was here, she and I talked about giving a rose, and other rosy things, to a lucky reader of her blog.  Please use THIS LINK to go to her blog to read the whole post she wrote and see the rest of her amazing photos.  Follow the instructions at the end of the post, and you may be the lucky winner.

I already feel like a winner!


  1. The images are amazing and so are you!

  2. Connie, a great and touching post. I love the second photo posted; so arty!

  3. Beautiful pics of your breathtaking gardens!!!

  4. Oh, you sweetie-pie! You deserve every word of the priase, I'd say. Your home and garden are completely lush - haven't I been saying that all along, eh? Eh?


  5. You deserve every bit of praise..the risk, the amount of work?!
    Kat did a stunning job with her photos :)

  6. The roses you grow are so beautiful and the photos she took are amazing. I will go over and read her post! I know you deserve any praise you get. Your love of what you do comes through each and every word you write and photo you take. Blessings, Linda

  7. Well, darn you, Connie- I suppose you are sending me to yet another blog that I will love and adore and then I will have to sign up for THAT one and then being a good follower I will have to actually FOLLOW and comment...whew...deep breath...

    I think when we create something just for the God-given peace it gives our soul that others are touched by that and respond to it on a different level than we do. You had your heart in the right place creating your gardens -you did not do it for recognition or fame or atta-girls- and so God has blessed those gardens and made them beautiful - so beautiful- that others are touched by them...and, ultimately, by you.

    I haven't known you long but I am sure you are a wonderful friend to those that know you well. I am blessed to have found you here! Now quitcher crying and get out in that garden and start deadheading-will ya? Hugs- Diana

  8. ooops-forgot to add- the photos are gorgeous. I love the 2nd one from the top..that is the winner for me-although the fence one is a close 2nd~ xxoo Diana

  9. Oh my, I wasn't feeling well most of the day today, so I'm late in reading this...but now I'm the one with a lump in my throat! At the risk of sounding like two girls on MTV saying "no you're the best...no you are!"...I feel the same way and feel so lucky to be able to call you friend!

    xo Kat

  10. Wow! Gorgeous images of your amazing gardens brimming with beautiful roses!! Such a perfect setting for your daughter's wedding!

  11. I visited her blog and her post and pictures were indeed very lovely!


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